​This is my 100th post in this blog. The journey was started four months ago. And how quickly I've come here. The first post was about my domain change. I bought a domain of my name (sourajit.org) 2-3 years ago. But I found nothing to share there and experience was definitely lower than today's. Then I deleted that blog. And there was no planning about creating this one. If it was planning, then I definitely bought it four days ago, for my birthday. I was then regretted. May be I will write too many posts, may be many visitors will come to my blog, maybe I will earn good amount of cash from it, but I could never change the registration date. Even whenever I think about it, I regret myself for not to start a journey without any plan. Even I didn't decide then what will I write here? At the very first, I thought about sharing my personal thoughts, pictures, videos, etc. but one thing I could realize, nobody will show interest in your personal life and daily activities unless you are a celebrity. So you can say this blog is mixed up with everything, my pictures, personal life, blogging tips, my failure, 360-degree photos captured by me, screenshots of funny comments or touchy stories of some people. I know everything is not possible to write here, but I try to write how much possible for me.
"How To" Questions & Answers

I will literally kill google. They take so much time to crawl websites and its contents. In a post of Ahref, they say that it depends on the competition of keyword. An average competition keyword takes more than one year to come on the first page of google. I have an experience of this. I made a blog on a micro niche. I posted only 5-6 articles in that blog and privacy policy, disclaimer other pages. Even after two months, there are no visitors there. I was so frustrated that I decided to delete that blog before its renewal. Then after two months, the blog started generating revenue, and now it makes more than $100 per month. So patience is very important. I heard from few bloggers, whom you can call a newbie, told me was they really could make money from a blog? Because they tried for two months and nothing happened, so thought it's not possible. Then I gave my example to him and told him to carry it on. It's literally true. Starting a blog is frustrating, especially if you have no idea about keyword research and find the low searched, long tail keyword, then it may be a little bit tough for you. But never give up. Give it some time, while doing other things in your life, and once it starts generating revenue, it will make money even when you sleep.

I'm now not in a serious mood. Let's play something fun. Well, I have collected some how to questions from KWFinder which actually fetches data from the google search. And I will answer all those questions one by one. I swear all the answers will be honest answers! And I only tell the truth! :P
Keyword List 1
How to become rich- I also want to know that. My blog does not generate even a dollar. One thing you can do. Go and marry bill gate's daughter. You could be definitely rich then, with a lavish lifestyle.

How to become fair- Is not that question indicates racism? We all want to become fair. Search google for writing this- "how to become fair like Donald Trump within one week." hope google can help you only in this issue.

How to become fat- everybody in the world wants to get slim, zero figure and you are asking the opposite?Well, once I was very very skinny. Now I''m fat. How can you do so? Eat potato, cheese, soft drinks, pizza, burger, etc. and it will take less than one month to become fat.

How to be happy- It's kinda serious question. The first thing I will say, stop expectation from others. Cause expectation is the mother of depression. And try not to depend on others. Try to spend spare time alone, or with your pet, hobbies, etc. we can learn this lesson from Mr. bean also. Never regret too much what the mistakes happened by you and prepare yourself not to do the same thing again.

How to become a pilot- I am not good in physics, "Physics samajh nehi aye". So it's a little bit difficult to answer. My dad wanted to make me a pilot. But I change my way and choose to blog. But literally, i don't make him sad. So I install GTA V on my PC and fly aeroplane, choppers. I think he will be happy!

How to buy Bitcoin- Bitcoin is one of the trending topics now, and in 1st August, Bitcoin split into two parts. One is Bitcoin, the former one and another is Bitcoin cash. At the very early stage, Bitcoin cash is very volatile, but still, I say you to keep your eyes on bitcoin and bitcoin cash both. Right now Bitcoin price is $3216.22, and according to Zebpay, it's near around 204000 rupees. You can buy Bitcoin Bitcoin from Zebpay, which is very much trustable and use REF38521289 to get bitcoins equals to 100 rupees.

How to become slim- It's probably one of the most searched questions in google. Yeah, everyone wants to get slim, even me too. But you have to maintain a proper diet. I could not leave out a single day without Coca-Cola. For that reason, I'm not slim. Do yoga, exercise, seat up, etc. or you can do another thing. Ask your parents to buy a private jet and say you will eat nothing until they buy. After three days, when you don't see anything happens, start eating food, start with something tasty. ;)

How to earn money online- I'm also seeking for that. I heard it's very easy to make money online from home, but I can't. Show me the method!!!

How to draw a Pokemon- I can't draw. My drawing is so bad; even a lower prep student can draw better than me. My nephew, eight years old, drew a Pikachu a few days ago and it was really good.

How to make money on Youtube- You can either enable AdSense with your Youtube channel, or you can also use some affiliate product list in the description below. Youtube is a part of google. So it's very easy to implement AdSense ad in a Youtube video for monetization. You can use Clickbank, VCommission, Amazon affiliates links in the description of a well-reviewed video.

How to edit photos- Go to any girl. And they will show you how to edit a picture. Smooth skin, no dark patch, no pimple, wooaahh! Editing level: legendary.

How to format laptop- There is no difference between format a pc and format a laptop. Here is the way to format a laptop. Check the post so that you will get a clear idea about how to format a laptop.

How to flirt with a girl- Flirt??? what is this??? No no, I even don't hear this word!

Keyword List 2
How to find wifi password- I have no idea. Cause I already have a router with the unlimited net package. Still, if you need the password, go and ask him- can you please provide your wifi password, I want to download Iron man trilogy 1080p BluRay version? And don't forget to inform me what he says.

How to grow beard- I have the same problem also. No beard. I heard there is something called beard oil; you can try. Beard is nowadays a great fashion statement.

How to get a job in Google- Many people think that I job in google. Please, no man. I don't have so much talent to work at google. Google's advertising department's name is Google Adsense. I am working with them. I help them to get some customers and instead of that, they pay me. That's it. And yes, the payment does Google itself.

How to gain weight for men- You are perfectly fine now. Gaining weight creates so much trouble, and looks bad. If you need to build up your body, then you can go to your nearest gymnasium.
Keyword List 3
How to get pink lips- Use pink lipstick, that's simple!

How to hack Google- I don't have much knowledge about this. You can go to Ankit Fadia. He may help you.

How to hack COC- Their security system is too strong to break. and if you try to break it and get caught, your account will be disabled. Better keep patience and play daily. Check this article for details.

How to handle a wife- This is probably the toughest question ever. The answer is still unknown and people still trying to find out the way to handle a wife.

How to have a baby- It needs a couple, one night, one empty room and nine months time. And you will get the result.

How to have twins- you have guts man. People even can't handle one, and you are asking for a twin? There are too many superstitions about this; you may try, if your luck is good, your wish may get fulfilled.
Keyword List 4
How to hack a website- I would tell you this, but what it will be if you try to hack my website first. So I don't discuss this issue.

How to impress a girl- Try me, I am unable to impress any girl in my 25 years age. I have some friends who are really good flirter, I will give you their contact details so that they can help you.
How to install windows 7- it's the same process, the way you installed windows 98/ XP/ Vista.

How to improve English- I'm not good at English, but I can suggest you that try to read English newspaper, or serial, see English movies with subtitle so that you can understand the pronunciation properly, try to write your journal in English, your everyday incidents. You can understand the difference within one month.

How to keep calm- Said yourself, don't get angry, don't get angry. Or you can see Mr Bean also.

How to know my future- Buy a time machine and travel at 20 years later. May be you are a millionaire there or maybe a pizza delivery boy (like Johnny Sins).
Keyword List 5
How not to sleep- Just do nothing, almost no energy loss, drink coffee 5-6 times a day, start talking with your dearest one over the phone.

How to overcome fear- Fear of what? Cockroach? Snake? Ghost? Or others! I have a fear of doing something regularly.

How to open bra- Who is asking this? A man or a woman? If you are a woman, then go to Wikihow and get the details and if you are a man the go to watch Tom and Jerry!

How to pay income tax- As per Indian government law, tax is now a very sensitive issue. Income tax department keeps their eyes open on everyone who buys luxury products. Go to an ca and create your income tax file. It's necessary, and you will be safe.

How to play guitar- Believer me I searched the same few days ago as I wanted to learn at least one musical instrument. You can even learn it from YouTube tutorials. They are really good.

How to quit smoking- Shah Rukh Khan who was a chain smoker also, once said, I will stop smoking cause I want to spend few more years with my kids.

How to quit drinking- I neither drink nor smoke. So my point of view will be useless for this case. But yes, always remember that this is harmful. Better you can search the bad effects of drinking alcohol; you will realize. Occasionally drinking, drinking at a party is okay, but regular drinking is not recommended.

So here are my answers. If you think something different, then please let me know by commenting below. Again,100 posts. Congrats to me! If you find this post interesting, then please share this with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. Because sharing is caring. Bloggers who are looking for low competition keywords, you can get some here with their CPC. No more today. Take care. All of you. Have a great day.