I wanted to complete 100 posts within three months, but it took more than four months. Got a message on twitter from one of my blog readers. It's always inspiring to get some positive response from readers. That helps any blogger to write more...quantity and quality both. Though I did not open this blog to make money, still if Adsense generates money from here, it's a good opportunity that should not miss anyhow. Now I get daily 20-25 visitors per day. Now the target is to reach 100 visitors per day. So I will request you to stand by me as you always do. Even Jitendra shared one of my blog posts, which is a great achievement in my blogging career.
​ What I learned After Writing 100 Posts

The blog that gives me huge money is basically a type of shit. Seriously I mean it. Just some information was copied from other blogs and make some posts. It was made just to make some money. I really needed some money that time. Cause I was the only one who dropped out from college and stayed home without doing nothing. Oh sorry... I did only one thing. That was Facebook. I've chatted with random guys and girls all time. In that way, I destroyed my two years, 2012 and 2013. Now sometimes I regret it, and I have told about this in the previous post. Anyway what I was talking about, that shitty blog. The blog was just optimized for the search engine, so it ranked well in search engine. Even still now. But if you see it's content, it would not attract you. My another good blog on the gadget which is monetized by Amazon affiliates. It's far better than the previous one. Most of the articles have been written by professional content writers, cause I need some quality article to rank my blog in search engine. Gadgets is a very competitive niche, and it's quite tough to beat CNet, Engadget, Gadgets NDTV, Techcrunch, Mashable, etc. all of them have a huge authority and Google really trust them.

Just think about yourself as a visitor. You need to buy a Sennheiser over-ear headphone. You google it, and the first page is conquered by top tech giants like Mashable, TechCrunch et.c, which I mentioned at previous. You will probably find my site on page 3 or 4. will you go up to page 3??? Obviously not. And even a kid knows that first page results are the top 10 result. So all those giant tech blogs get huge traffic, and my blog gets very few. And 4-5% of them clicks and buy a product from there. The biggest advantage of Amazon affiliate is if a visitor clicks on a product "an" and finally buy "b", I will still get the commission and the cookies working for 15 minutes. One day I checked all the products that people bought from my links and 90% of them are non-gadget products. Should I laugh or cry? Anyway, it happens with all Amazon affiliates. It's a benefit.

One blog that I made on Instagram. It is a micro niche blog. I posted 5-6 articles, copied from the web and posted on my blog. One month over... 2 months over... almost no visitor... then I left it and thought about to delete the domain after it's ending the period. But, now it generates near about $100 per month, without any effort. Even I forget last when I access that blog and what was the homepage exactly look like. In this consequence, I want to tell a fact about google ranking- the older the domain will be, the rank will be better! Yeah, it's damn true, and I have experienced in this. In an Ahrefs report, I have seen the same conclusion. Page 1 sites are more than two years old. If you check any university official site, hospital site, medical sites like WebMD, all they have a huge authority and certainly they get better rank from google. And better rank means increasing the number of visitors. So whenever you create a site, it will keep in your mind that patience is a very important. You don't need to monitor your google analytics report or Adsense earning. Just let it be. Do other things in your regular life. And you will see one day that the seed is starting giving flower and fruits. Even I have some blogs which are now... you can say auto pilot mode. No need to effort. Just domain renewal and every month they generate revenue for me. Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a nice day.