​Media.net is a popular ad network, and it is considered as second best ad network just after Google Adsense. In fact, it is called the best Google Adsense alternative. If Google Adsense bans your account, you may try here. It has been created by both Yahoo and Bing. I had Adsense account from 2014, and still, it is here. But I tried several times to get approved by Media.net, and they have rejected me every time. The reason is simple, as I didn't fulfill their basic requirement. They need most of the traffic from united states or Canada. 
The most popular blog of mine is based on Indian topics, and as usual, 90 percent of traffic is Indian. So they rejected me every time. After trying 10-15 times, I have finally got approval from them. It's like an achievement for me. Really I mean it. I have got to this blog as most of the visitors are coming from united states to see the bitcoin-related articles. A few weeks ago I applied to Media.net, and I thought they would reject me like previous times. But no, they have approved my site within 2-3 hours and send me a congratulation email. 
Thank you so much for accepting me. Though right now, I'm not using those ads on my blog. Getting approval was a challenge to me. So right now, I have access to almost all big ad networks. They pay really good if you get traffic from the USA. I got one click, and they pay $0.64. Yeah, I know it's not too good but better CPC than my Indian blogs. 
At the very first, I said that I had no plan to monetize this blog. But at a certain time, this blog started to get a good number of organic traffic, so at that moment, I decided to add some advertisement on this blog, which will not make my blog look ugly. Though they said that ads are responsive, but in the mobile version, it appears imperfect.So I have removed those ads temporarily. Maybe I can add them shortly. Here is an honest review of Media.net, you can take a look. Thanks to my experience with Media.net; do you have an account in Media.net? Then you can share your experience with them. I would love to hear from you. No more today. Take care. Yours, Sourajit.