​Recently one of my friends have bought Amazon Echo, and it is really an awesome tech gadget. It is a personal assistant smart speaker made by Amazon. Neat and clean simple look, lower price all are a great journey for Amazon Echo 2017 version. Amazon has worked hard to give it a  fresh look and feel. Its price 90 pounds. You will get a fabric covered speakers in charcoal, grey or sandstone color options. It’s an attractive finish that gives the Echo high-end speaker looks. If you pay 10 pounds extra, you will get an oak or walnut wood finishes. Around the back, there is a 3.5mm audio output, so that you can connect amazon echo to an external speaker. Alternatively, there is another option- built-in Bluetooth.
Amazon Alexa is really great. I have seen some of its videos on YouTube, and it looks almost perfect. But according to me, Google Assistant is much smarter, and it understands the natural language better. Alexa still has some big limitations. For example, if you want to know traffic update of your journey, Alexa only can provide you the traffic update on your home and workplace whereas Google Assistant can give you traffic update on any journey.

Amazon Echo

One more downside of Alexa. There is no two word wake up the phrase in Alexa. Which Google Assistant and Apple's Siri have. You can wake up Google Assistant by calling “Ok Google” and “Hello Siri” to Siri. Unfortunately, this option is still not available to Alexa. Amazon Echo’s sound system is powered by Dolby. If you are looking for ultimate sound performance, then this is probably not for you. In that case, you can use a better speaker like Sonos one, which is powered by Alexa.