A bitcoin mining rig is basically a computer system used for the mining of bitcoins. The rig can either be a dedicated miner, which means it will be built and operated for just mining, or it could be a computer that is used for other things, like a gaming system, but can also be used for part time mining.

There are a lot of mining rigs. There are USB miners and dedicated miners. While USB miners are easier to procure, they are not as efficient as dedicated miners. The companies making mining hardware are not much these days. This is a good news in some way as it provides you with the opportunity to choose easily. But it's also some bad news as only a handful of mining rigs can handle the difficulty with which the bitcoin mining is rising. In this article, we'll be giving you some insight on some of the best bitcoin mining rigs that are currently doing well on the market.
The Best Bitcoin Mining Rig


The first mining hardware we'll look at is the AntMiner S5. This mining rig is very good for anyone who's just getting into the world of bitcoin mining. This is because it costs just a few hundred bucks. Although it is an outdated device and might probably not have the strength to keep up with today's bitcoin mining process, you can still generate a good amount of BTC. Most people who have used it claim to generate at 0.05 BTC in revenue every month. So in order to get one BTC, you'll have to run this miner for about a year and eight months. The only con most people have with this mining rig is that it's too noisy, but seriously, which miner isn't noisy?


If you are going to be purchasing a mining rig, the AntMiner S7 is a good hardware to look into. This miner can provide you with an average of 0.15BTC a month even with the halving and difficulty of getting block rewards. This might not seem as much, but with the rate at which BTC is going up these days, you'll surely be content with having this income. Complaints about this mining rig include being too expensive for entry levels. Also, it's not very new since it was created in 2015. But its BTC generation rate is okay as most people who have this mining rig are enjoying it.
This mining rig is considered to be a great substitute for the first two we mentioned. Although you can generate a revenue of 0.12BTC per month, most users have been satisfied with the fact that it's not too noisy, and the hash rate is reasonable. The only con is that it is a hundred dollars more than the AntMiner S7, which generates more than 0.12BTC. Still, given the difficulty of getting block rewards now, the Avalon 6 is a reasonable mining rig to work with.


Currently considered to be the best mining rig, it is the most efficient and advanced bitcoin mining rig in today's world. This BTC miner is for serious miners. It is a new miner, which means there's a possibility for mining difficulty to increase sometime in the future. The AntMiner S9 can generate a lovely income of 0.5BTc every month. But still, you'll need to take things like pool fees, electricity costs, and hardware cost into account. Also, as we said earlier, now that this miner is out, there's a high chance for mining difficulty to increase thereby reducing the rate at which this miner generates BTC. But for now, it is absolutely the best miner on the market.


The Avalon 7, also known as Avalon 721, is Avalon's latest miner. It was created in 2016 and has a cheap price tag. Well, you guessed right. Since it's cheaper than the rest, it isn't as efficient as they are. Anyone who is at an entrance level and doesn't want to spend on the S7, this miner is a good way to start. The good thing about this miner is that you can connect up to five of this same miner together so as to get a very efficient 30 TH/s mining rig.


This mining rig was created for hobbyists. If you are someone who would love to mine at home, then this miner is the way to go. The basic advantage it has over other mining rigs is its special cooling unit. This unit makes it a lot less noisy than a lot of other Bitcoin miners out there. It was specifically made for home environment. Although this mining rig can't compete with the S9, it surely can be a good alternative for the S7.