The cryptocurrency market is one that has made huge waves over the years. It gained more exposure this year, 2017, and still, more people are learning about the different crypto coins there is each and every day.

Also known as virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies are simply the new trend in payment and investment assets. Nowadays, investors are looking into the cryptocurrency market instead of placing their investments in mutual funds, penny stocks, retirement plans, and other investment plans. Cryptos are simply the way to go if you are looking to invest in the future.

Although virtual currencies are the currency of the future and they hold enough value to be considered as assets, you still need to know which cryptocurrency to invest in as there are over 5000 different crypto coins out there and they have been cases where some ICOs were created in order to scam investors.
What Are The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In?

We know you wouldn't like to lose your hard-earned money, time, and energy, so we've put a list of cryptocurrencies together. This list will serve as a guide for anyone who's looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Already itching to know what cryptocurrencies we've put together? Don't let us keep you waiting.


A lot of you might have heard about the giant of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. Created in 2010 by Satoshi Nakomoto (an entity who's still unknown till date), this cryptocurrency has grown to be the biggest of them all. Bitcoin is the pioneer of all cryptocurrencies. When bitcoin was invented in 2010, one coin was sold for $0.08 dollars. Today, bitcoin has undergone a massive growth as one Bitcoin (or BTC) is now over $15,000. It has been legalized in a lot of countries and it’s being accepted as payments in different online stores.

You don't necessarily need to have over $15,000 to invest in Bitcoin. There are smaller parts of Bitcoin known as satoshi that you can buy. Create a bitcoin wallet, buy your bitcoin or satoshi, place them in the wallet, and trade orHODL until it becomes really high. Bitcoin is a really great investment plan.


Ethereum, or Ether, is considered to be an upgraded version of Bitcoin. This is because the cryptocurrency was invented to correct some of the issues that Bitcoin had at that time. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency. The platform is one that allows the creation of applications which run on the blockchain through smart contracts. Although its worth is not as much as that of Bitcoin, Ether is another awesome crypto coin to invest in. With its market cap going over $32,157,651,120, from the 11.9 million that was on presale in 2014, this cryptocurrency has also recorded massive growth over the years. Ether is currently being sold at over $700 per coin.


Currently one of the top five cryptocurrencies (fourth to be precise), Litecoin is just like BTC -an open peer-to-peer digital currency. Worth just seven cents at its inception in 2011, Litecoin is another cryptocurrency that has recorded awesome growth as its now worth over $300. This cryptocurrency is currently making waves in the market as investors now consider it to be the next big thing. So if you are going to make an investment in LTC, the best time is now.


Generated from a process known as a "hard fork", which occurred on Bitcoin in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash is now one of the top five cryptocurrencies to invest in. Before November 2017, BCH wasn't doing quite well like people hoped so another fork was scheduled to happen in November. But this new fork failed and since then, BCH has been scaling high. The "Bitcoin breakaway" cryptocurrency is now worth over $3000 from $0.17. A nice growth in four months if you ask us.

5.    IOTA

Considered to be a potential human life changer, this cryptocurrency is one that is bound to make huge changes in the future. According to some observers in the industry, IOTA is one of the crypto coins that has the biggest potential to bring changes to human life. As a matter of fact, this coin has been speculated to be one of the fastest growing cryptos in the coming years given the fact that its development is based on interconnecting.

The concentration of this cryptocurrency relies on machine-to-machine transactions. The major reason why it was created is to enable ease of M2M payments, thereby serving a major purpose to the machine economy. You can see that it's quite futuristic, right? IOTA is a very special cryptocurrency as it's not based on the blockchain like other coins, instead, this cryptocurrency uses a new technology known as the Tangle.

Unlike the blockchain that looks like a chain, Tangle is a technology that looks like a web. Confirmations for IOTA transactions is done through two other nodes. With a market cap of $13.31 billion, IOTA is currently priced at $4.8.


Investing in cryptocurrency now can help secure your future. The crypto coins in our list are bound to yield amazing profits at the end of the day. Don’t wait until the race is over. Make the right investment today.