The past couple of years have been awesome for the cryptocurrency world. The crypto market has gained the interest of thousands of investors and with the meteoric rise of Ether and Bitcoin, the industry has continued to get more attention and popularity. Let's take a look at Bitcoin for instance. 

In December 2015, one BTC was worth around $450 and now, in December 2017, the same BTC is worth well over $16,000. Now, who wouldn't want to invest in a market like this? The rise associated with Bitcoin can also be found in Ethereum. 

Although the price of Ether isn't jumping as much as that of Bitcoin, it's rise can still be described as meteoric as about a month ago it was 300 dollars and now in December, 2017, it's a little over $700. Current ethereum price is near around $3000. You can check the live rate via Ethereum price.
Ethereum Price Prediction
This increase in prices, otherwise known as volatility, is currently making a lot of Ethereum investors concerned about the cryptocurrency. So in this article we'll be considering what the future holds for Ethereum. Will it be bigger than Bitcoin as proposed? Is it a bubble that will burst soon? Let's take a look at what the future holds for Ether. 


One thing you need to keep in mind is that making a short term price prediction, especially for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, is a very difficult venture. I mean look at the volatility; it can lose 30% of its value today and gain up to 45% again tomorrow. Just look at the case scenario we talked about above -a profit margin of over $400 in one month. 

With the volatility rate associated with this cryptocurrency, there's little to no technical analysis for short term prediction. Even the long term predictions we'll be making in this article are still susceptible to change. But we have managed to make careful considerations, carried out efficient researches, and narrowed everything down as best as we can. So let's take a look at the predictions that have been proposed by market experts. 


According to Investing Haven, a market news and analyst website, the price of Ether is bound to surpass the $1000 mark in 2018. If it doesn't happen next year, then it surely would before 2020. This is a pretty decent prediction given the rate at which the cryptocurrency is fluctuating. According to the website, the price prediction is based on three important factors, and they are: 

The Supply of Ether- Currently, there are ninety two million Ethereum coins in circulation. Although, there's a chance of this number increasing in the coming years, there's also a high possibility that it will be a flat-line after that. This simply means that after the supply has increased over the next couple of years, the team of developers in charge of the cryptocurrency will ensure that the number of coins remain constant. 

Ether Application- Ethereum is considered to be better than Bitcoin simply because it allows the use of smart contracts. Ether also allows developers to build apps on their blockchain. The more decentralized apps built on Ether's blockchain, the more appreciative the coin becomes. Investing Haven's research team claims that in five to seven years, Ether is expected to have a twenty to thirty fold increase on the amount of decentralized apps we have around now. If this should happen, Ethereum will become incredibly valuable. 

The Demand of Ether- Ether will continue to be in demand. This logic is based on two things; the demand will be based on the coin being an investment plan that continues to appreciate or as a currency that retains its functionality due to the fact that it's on a blockchain with several other apps. The functionality of Ether is bound to remain relevant due to the smart contract it offers. Also, as more apps are being built on the Ethereum blockchain, there will be more support for the functionality of the currency. 


Market analysts are of the opinion that Ethereum might overtake Bitcoin in the race of price and kingship. This basically means that, if you invest the same amount of dollars in Ether and BTC, ETH is bound to yield more ROI than Bitcoin. This might be hard to believe right now, especially with the price of bitcoin is five times that of ETH, but nonetheless, Olaf Carlson-Wee, the CEO of Polychain Capital believes that the entire market capitalization of Ether will surpass that of BTC very soon. 

There are a lot of factors supporting Olaf's motion. Take a look at the last four months for instance; a lot of investors have placed major focus on ETH rather than BTC. As a matter of fact, BTC has lost almost half of its market share to ETH in the past four months. 

To make it clearer, four months ago, before Ethereum became really popular, ninety percent of cryptocurrency investments went to Bitcoin's table. It's not a coincidence now that this number has dropped to forty five percent and Ether's shared has increased in four fold, making its investment runs reach thirty percent. 

Another factor indicating that Ether might surpass Bitcoin is those who are backing both currencies. While Bitcoin is famous for its payment technology, making governments like China and Japan hop on it, Ethereum's technology is a smart contract technology that's very useful in the real world. 

This technology has made Ether get the backings of a new organization known as Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an organization that has firms like Microsoft and JP Morgan as its members. In fact, the EEA consists of over eighty six firms and every one of them is supporting Ethereum. 


The future is looking good for Ethereum. The cryptocurrency might not be as strong as BTC is now but within the next few years, there’s a tendency that ETH will be the new king of cryptocurrencies.