Crypto News: A lot of us might have heard about Bitcoin, what it stands for, and how important it is to our future. But not so many of us know what Bitcoin Gold is. Created from the Bitcoin fork (a spinoff from Bitcoin), Bitcoin Gold is a lot different from the original BTC. Since it was derived from the source code of Bitcoin, those who had BTC in their wallets as at the time of the fork were also able to get the same amount of BTG as the amount of Bitcoin in their wallets.

In order to understand the Bitcoin Gold prediction, we first need to understand the major difference between BTG and BTC. Bitcoin Gold was created for just one reason; to stop the centralization of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin was initially designed as a cryptocurrency that could be mined with a PC, but as time went on and people saw how valuable the coin was, they created powerful hardware known as ASIC machines and started mining the currency at a much faster rate, which eventually made it impossible to mine with your laptop or PC.
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Price Prediction By 2018, 2019, 2020

So in order to stop this centralization, miners agreed to create another cryptocurrency that would be like BTC but won't use the same proof of work, and therein, Bitcoin Gold was born. Bitcoin Gold makes use of the Equihash algorithm -an algorithm that makes it impossible to mine with powerful ASICs. So miners are left with no choice but to use their CPUs and GPUs.


The major reason why BTG hasn't surged as high as everyone hoped is because a lot of people are skeptical about the cryptocurrency. When Bitcoin Gold was created, the team behind the cryptocurrency made the network private, thereby mining the cryptocoin privately with no one having to compete with them. According to critics, the act of the BTG team has made it almost impossible for anyone to mine the coins as there isn't much left to mine for the adopters of the cryptocurrency.

Although there have been other arguments as to why BTG isn't making waves in the market (for instance, people aren't encouraged about the Bitcoin community having way too many versions of one coin), the Bitcoin Gold team has said that their project will be great in the long run as people will come to realize that the Equihash algorithm is a lot better and easier than using ASIC miners.


Trading a little over 300 dollars as at the time of this writing, Bitcoin Gold has been predicted to hit the $2000 mark by the end of the year 2020. The price might seem like it is too low for the timeframe but looking at the rate at which the coin is going and the skepticism of investors, the price prediction actually looks like a good one. Let's take a look at the factors considered for such a price.


Adoption - This is probably the biggest factor affecting BTG's price. The Bitcoin Gold team aims to let the cryptocoin accessible to everyone by making it easy to mine. With the rate at which the public is getting in on the cryptocurrency world, the $2000 mark might be reached even before the end of 2020, but the fact is those who have invested in ASIC miners aren't just going to sit back and do nothing. And that’s where the second factor comes in.

Mining – The BTG team wants to make mining easier and make people forget the companies making the ASIC miners, but will the companies allow this? If the public starts seeing BTG as a great cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, then Bitcoin Gold will surge higher than expected. Since analysts have said the Bitcoin team has mined most of the cryptocurrency for themselves, how much is left for the public to mine should we all endorse the coin. Besides that, those who have access to good GPUs will be able to mine at a faster rate that those who are mining with only their CPUs. Will this not also affect the price as majority will have to drop the coin when they see that those with better GPUs have a better chance at mining?

All the same, adoption still stands as the most important factor. If the entire crypto community adopts Bitcoin Gold, the price is bound to surge higher and we’ll be looking at a price higher than the two thousand dollar mark.


If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin Gold, you can do it now as there’s a possibility of it rising in the future. The more the majority of the Bitcoin community realizes that the coin was created to be an advantage for them, the more the price surge will be.