Crypto News: Created is late 2016, Monero has grown to become one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market right now. It is a cryptocurrency that has shown a lot of potential, which is why a whole lot of people are looking for different ways to mine it.

While it is true that you can mine with Monero with your computer and some really good graphics card, you still need to consider things like profitability, difficulty, hardware maintenance, just to mention a few factors. Besides, mining Monero on your own is less likely to be very profitable except if you are combining a whole lot of GPUs.

Monero might be a relatively new coin, but the thing is, in late 2017, the coin surged in price and since then, investors have been paying special attention to it. So how can you mine Monero and still come out on top like a boss? The answer is Monero Cloud mining. With this process, you are bound to enjoy a whole lot of benefits without going through the stress of running a hardware.
Monero Cloud Mining

Simply put, Monero cloud mining involves you getting daily payouts of Monero into your wallet without actually mining it yourself. All you have to do is sign up with a mining service, select one of their Monero plans or contracts, pay for the plan, and you'll start getting your payouts every day for the time period you have selected.

Now, you need to be wary of the mining services you sign up with. This is because they are some mining services that will charge you excessively to the point that you won't be making any profit. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the most reputable and trustworthy Monero cloud mining services.


Founded in 2016, Nicehash has grown to become a reputable and well organized mining service. Created in 2016 by its head and CEO, Victor Grosser, the company is a team of skilled professionals who are of the belief that cryptocurrencies will have a better have a better foothold in the future. This team includes engineers, developers, and analysts, who are ready to ensure that they transform the utilization and delivery of cryptos from Europe to the rest of the world. The Nicehash team has been involved with the cryptocurrency world since the inception of BTC so it's safe to say they really know what they are doing. You can actually enjoy the mining of almost any cryptocurrency including Monero when you make use of this mining service.


Considered to be the world's number one mining service, Genesis Mining is a competent company with a lot of good reputation. They are known to be transparent, customer-oriented, and very reliable. If you really want to be profitable with the mining of Monero, this mining service is one that's definitely worth it. The company is so good that even newbies can use it with no hassle. With their mining rigs in optimal locations and powered by cheap electricity, you'll be making a nice profit when you make use of this mining service. They are also equipped with the latest technology and they are all about ensuring that their customers get what they pay for. No matter which package you choose to buy, you are bound to get a nice ROI from Genesis Mining.


Coming to life in 2010, almost immediately after the inception of BTC, Zagtor worked and improved their knowledge about Bitcoins, and by late 2011, they were one of the biggest bitcoin owners at the time. In 2012, they invested in mining equipment and since then, the company have been working, researching, and mining cryptocurrencies. They finally got an expanse in 2014 when they moved their machines to a much cooler and larger location. After mining "indoors" for two years, they decided that they've had enough knowledge. They acquired substantial equipment and put together the right team to be able to take on the duty of renting their equipment for mining processes. The team consists of computer scientists, economists, and engineers. This mining service is great and if you are looking for a quick, reliable way to mine Monero, then go the Zagtor way.


Looking for the cheapest, easiest, and best way to mine Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies? Then this cloud mining service is for you. You can purchase one of their contracts with as little as ten dollars. You do not need to stress yourself with writing all of those codes, buying costly equipment, or straining your computers. No matter what type of cryptocurrency you want to invest in, whether it's based on the Scrypt algorithm or the SHA-256, it doesn't matter; this Monero cloud mining service will provide you with substantial results on your mining contract.


Monero cloud mining provides you with better returns on investments than CPU or GPU mining. Except if you are running a lot of GPUs and CPUs, it will take some time to actually make good profit. Besides, you’ll be stressing your computers and your graphic cards. Why not use a Monero cloud mining service today and enjoy greater benefits?