Today, even half an hour rick was in our home. And I was talking to Avishekda; the door was closed. When Avishekda left my room and I went to the dining room looking for Rick, and mom said- he went to his house a few minutes ago. How many people will upset me continuously? I was waiting to play and chat with my nephew. I have a huge love for him. Whenever we are in a room together, in my room, we play songs and shout. his favourite English song, for now, is- "Rock Me" by One Direction. Basically, the band members have been split up still the song literally rock us. I want you to rock me rock me rock me again. We went to my uncle's house at Nabadwip and sung the song for 3-4 times in loud voice, and it's pure fun. I really enjoy his company. I have seen him since he was one day old. We have a good bonding, good understanding. 

I played football from my childhood, probably when I was one year old. And I was the regular player in my school days. I have got a lot of compliment for playing football. Don't know am I really a good footballer or not, but the truth is that I really enjoyed the game when I was on the field. So I wanted my nephew will also play football for their class team, he will love the game and all. I bought a small football, maybe size 3 or 4 when he was younger. Just to grow up his interest. But when he was 6-7 years old, he preferred cricket a lot over football. That can be his personal choice, and it's okay, but he did not like the football game at all. That made me sad. My nephew does not like football! It's pathetic. But thank God, somehow the scenario has been changed. He loves football a lot nowadays. What can bring more happiness than this? 2-3 days ago we were playing football at Muskaan, and some pictured had been captured. One day when he will be in class 11-12, and we will watch these pictures, hope these will be precious to him to spend time with his beloved uncle. Here are these. All these pictures had been captured by my new gear Sony A7iii. Hope you will like these. 
Sourajit Saha and Rick Playing Football 1

Sourajit Saha and Rick Playing Football 2

Sourajit Saha and Rick Playing Football 3
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