As I have mentioned before that, I have purchased a new Sony mirrorless camera- A7iii and already got some brilliant shots. Today I was planning for some candid daytime shots. My nephew came to my home at 11 am probably. So I took him with me and went to a nearby park for some candid shoot experiment. The best way to take some candid shots- you have to use the timer and continuous shot. And obviously a tripod. So we took all the equipment with us. It's the beginning of the winter, so the weather was pleasant. I wore a beanie, but I couldn't wear that for a long time as we were under the sun and the temperature was not perfect to wear a beanie. 

After that, we started our shoot. Actually, my nephew rick does like to stand in front of the camera at all. If someone asks him- look at the camera, I will take a picture of you. He gets nervous. So I never approach him in that way. I give him full freedom. Set the camera one side; then we start gossiping playing football or singing a song whatever. So I have seen that he is comfortable with that. And only for that reason, I have got some good pictures, and all are definitely candid. I love candid photography; you will get a natural look in those pictures. 

My previous Sony mirrorless was A6000 which could take 30-35 shots continuously. Then buffering happened. And A7iii can take 300+ shots at the same time continuously without any buffering. So it helps me a lot while taking continuous shots. And it helps to take candid shots as well. If you take 50-60 shots at a time, you will get at least 7-8 good pictures. So I have sorted some of today's pictures and here are these. Check this and let me know in comments how these are.
Sourajit Saha with His Nephew 8

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 1

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 2

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 3

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 4

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 5

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 6

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 7

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 9

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 10

Sourajit Saha With Nephew 11
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