I'm writing this blog post after a looooooong time. Probably after one year. Actually, I started this blog sharing some blogging tips and tricks. Some posts were personal, and some were related to cryptocurrencies. But at the time, cryptocurrency market is down; it's not impossible it the market rises again and reach in a higher scale. Obviously, it can be. But right now, I will suggest not to purchase crypto from any kind of exchange, wait for at least a year and let's see what happens. Then only we can reach into a conclusion. But for me, cryptocurrency was a fortune and made me financially strong. So I'm grateful to it. I have heard Amitabh Bachchan had lost 65 crores just for wrong investment in bitcoin. Maybe there are a lot of people who have faced a huge loss while investing in crypto. Somehow I was lucky in that issue.whatever...

My first-night photography journey was started with Samsung galaxy S8 and then note 8. They both had an aperture of f/1.8 which is really good for low light photography or night photography whatever you call. And surprisingly I found no grain in the night picture. It delivered a clear and sharp picture even in the night. But the problem I have faced with Samsung flagship models- whenever we went for a shoot at daytime, and the sunlight was on the face, the output was pathetic with a highly saturated picture. I just couldn't see the face clearly due to high saturation. We never got a clear texture of face on Samsung's mobile. One day, while surfing YouTube, I came across a video made by my favorite smartphone reviewer, Marques Brownlee, and he compared five flagship smartphones from the different companies, and I saw a noticeable stunning quality in Google Pixel 2's image. They face was clear with detailed texture. After waiting for just that picture, I decided to purchase Google Pixel 2. as I don't like to use too big screen smartphone, so I decided to purchase Pixel 2 over Pixel 2 XL, though both camera quality is same. After that, I have used my pixel 2 for a long time; the daytime picture quality is superb, even in the night time, if the sensor got enough light, it delivered a brilliant portrait. But the thing is that in low light I found huge grain in the picture. But in Samsung's phone, I didn't have to face that issue. Grain is basically very annoying. It destroys the quality of the image. So that time, I was looking for something that could deliver grainless picture even in low light. from that time I am very interested about clicking the picture in low light because night has its own beauty. One day my computer science teacher told a thing, I will remember that lifelong. He told someone- if you really want to do photography, go for DSLR or any kind of camera instead of a smartphone. Now I can feel that he is 100% right and it's absolutely true. 

Then I was searching for a camera on the internet. After a lot of research, I found a Sony alpha model, which is basically mirrorless, wifi enabled- Sony A6000, which has been recognised as a reputed entry-level model. As it is mirrorless, so it is really lightweight, handy, easy to carry anywhere. I really loved that model. I used a Sigma prime lens- 30mm f/1.4 for the low light portrait. And I have got some stunning picture in bright light. But the matter is in normal street light; you have to increase the ISO. If you use 5000-6000 ISO in low light, the picture quality will be ruined almost. So that made me unhappy. It's not a camera or a lens fault. Then I called one of my photographer friends. And he told me- Sourajit, the body you are using is quite good but you cant use high ISO on that, it has a limitation, you can go for full frame sensor, professional body so that you will understand the difference. He was right. At that time, I decided to upgrade my A6000 with a better body. Then started research again and finally got an amazing model- Sony A7iii. I will not mention the price here, because site by site or day by day the price can be different. So it will be better if you search yourself on the internet. I decided to purchase the camera from online.
Sony A7iii front - Sourajit Saha

Sony A7iii back - Sourajit Saha

The first store name that stroke on my mind is Camarena. I called them and discussed it in detail. After a few days, I asked him (Sudipto da), may I come today? I need that today. He said we had to take it from storeroom to our store. I told him- arrange quickly, I will come within a few hours. It was the next day of Diwali. Some road was blocked, so it took longer time than usual. I went there purchased it and came back home. The camera is literally a beast. I have clicked a lot of pictures, and it delivers crisp, sharp, detailed image even in low light. I have used 18000 ISO in low light. Still, I have got a good image. I have changed a lot of smartphones just for the improved camera. But now it perfectly solved the issue. Here are some sample images, which have been taken by Sony A7iii. Hope you will like these.
Sourajit Saha - Sony A7iii - 1

Sourajit Saha - Sony A7iii - 2

Sourajit Saha - Sony A7iii - 3

Sourajit Saha - Sony A7iii - 4

Sourajit Saha - Sony A7iii - mouth spray

Sourajit Saha - Sony A7iii - 5
Apart from that, I use Instagram daily. My Instagram username is sourajitsaha17, here you will get all the images, captured by these cameras, smartphones and all. I have just bought this camera, hope I will be able to provide you some more good shots in near future. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Take care. Have a nice day.