When we went to Starbucks at park street, we also went to the Hardrock Cafe. I heard a lot about Hardrock Cafe before. But I didn't know the location. While roaming in park street, we found that and went for some drinks. The environment is great, but as we went there at 5:30 pm so, we didn't experience the actual environment. I never tried a cocktail before. So I ordered a cocktail (pomegranate flavour), and Uttiyo ordered a cup of cappuccino coffee. The cocktail was priced 700 rupees plus tax. And I don't like the taste of alcohol at all. But just wanted to try that once in my life. while coming back from there, I talked with one of their stuff for few minutes, and he told me the details about hard rock cafe and the programs held there throughout the week. I have forgotten his name. I won't try cocktail any more because of the taste; there was some rum mixed with it. Rather than that, mocktails are generally tasted good to me. We went there with Gobindo Kaku. And while returning home, I asked Uttiyo to seat beside Gobindo Kaku cause my headache was so painful at the moment. He did that, and I slept on the back seat (not the rover) in bare body and used my shirt as a pillow. When I woke up and felt very freezy, I told Uttiyo, maybe we are on the high road, and that's why it was so cold. Uttiyo and Gobindo Kaku were laughing and then said- ac was on so you felt so freezy. Anyway, that nap gave me enough relief from a headache. Just after arriving at home, Uttiyo and I went to Babi's house for her birthday party, and there were a lot of school friends were there. The day was awesome!
Sourajit Saha At Hardrock Cafe 1

Sourajit Saha At Hardrock Cafe 2

Sourajit Saha At Hardrock Cafe 3

Sourajit Saha At Hardrock Cafe 4
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