We passed out from Kalyani University Experimental High School in 2010, and now it's 2018. Still, we are connected. Yeah, I'm talking about two friends who are very close to my heart. Sayan and Sudipta. It was probably one month ago, in a weekend, I called them to come to my house so that we can gossip after a long time together. Sayan is a kind of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) freak like me. GTA 5 has been installed on my PC, and he started to play, killing people, blowing cars with bombs and all kind of nonsense stuff which even I do, every GTA lover does. Lol. Then I took my Sony mirrorless A6000 for some photo shoot, and we were able to click some pictures. I have shared them on my Instagram profile. You may take a look at there.

Next, we went outside to our A11 market for some food; as you know, I am kind of vegetarian, so we had limited options for food. I can't remember now if we took coffee or not, but we ate fuchka. And then a lot of gossips while walking on the road towards Meghmi. Sudipta's parents were there. I was afraid if they asked me about that lipstick tattoo. Thank god, nothing happened with it. Otherwise, I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassing. Then uncle (Sudipta's dad) gave a lift to my house. We met after a long time and the day was awesome. School friends are always something special, a soft corner, something emotional.
Sourajit Saha With Sayan Ray And Sudipta Roy 1

Sourajit Saha With Sayan Ray And Sudipta Roy 2

Sourajit Saha With Sudipta Roy

Sayan Is Playing GTA 5
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