Generally, I don't follow too many people or page on Instagram just because I don't like to scroll feed at all. Right now I follow five people, actually 4 people and 1page. They are- one model Usaamah Siddique, world's no. 1 DJ Martin Garrix, my best friend Uttiyo Dey, my sister Rituparna and her photography page. I followed a page which was quite popular and doesn't exist anymore. Instagram disabled the page for some policy or copyright violation. The page was a fan page of Justin Bieber. There are probably 2-4 photographers who followed Justin Bieber everywhere he went, in a  restaurant, inside the chopper, at dinner, in a shopping mall or walking on the road while taking coffee. They followed him everywhere, and I feel like- if I was like him and I had some paparazzi like them, they would capture all my moments, apart from personal moments of course. It would be great. The page's name was- stalking.bieber, and the name says all and no need for description. But its no more. I felt so sad once it got disabled because I enjoyed those photos very much. Now they have created another page named- "staalking.bieber"; they use an extra "a" inside the name. And it has been written that the previous page got disabled. Don't know if Justin complained about them or not. I will tell you one interesting thing, even once I did not follow Justin Bieber but followed that "stalking.bieber" page because Justin does not upload good quality pictures at all, while that page helps us to get updated about him all the time. One more thing to say, just remembered as I don't follow Justin anymore, so I don't get any update from his side, and a few days ago, my dad told me that Justin is going to marry his girlfriend and it has been published on newspaper, I know about Hailey Baldwin. And saw that Hailey had been changed her username from "haileybaldwin" to "haileybieber", it a nice move for both of them as well, and Justin also mentioned her as his wife in a post, sounds so sweet. Let's see if they can continue it for a long-term commitment or not.

I was thinking about that, if I can arrange to capture pictures of mine in that way, without any photographer, because the camera is smart enough to capture brilliant images by itself. So when I have that kind of camera then why am I not trying that. So in the early morning, I set the camera in different places from different angles and did that, and the result is at least impressive to me. It's like someone is stalking me near around my house and I feel like a celebrity. Lol. Self-declared celebrity. Anyway, I'm sharing the pictures here. And all the credit goes to my camera only. Because without it, it won't be possible for me at anyway. Hope you will like these images.
Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 1

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 2

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 3

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 4

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 5

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 6

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 7

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 8

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 9

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 10

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 11

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 12

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 13

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 14

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 15

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan 16
Anyway, I am highly active on Instagram which is basically a photo-sharing platform. Kindly check my Instagram profile, the username is sourajitsaha17. Here you will get all the images, captured by this camera, Pixel 2 and all. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp etc. Take care. Have a nice day. - Sourajit Saha