Sometimes customer care feels me so disturbed just like today noon. I was just laying on the bed and going to take a nap. A call came from unknown number ended with 100, I thought. First, it might be from the police station. Lol. Then got to know that it's axis bank customer care phone number. Anyway, actually I went to my back 2-3 days ago, and I applied to cancel my credit card as I don't need that anymore. Instead of cancelling the credit card, there are provoking me to take another card which has zero maintenance charge for lifetime. they arranged to provide me with the new card within two weeks. And once the new card arrives and active, the old one will be obsolete then. Okay, I didn't want to continue that conversation longer anymore rather than sleeping on my bed peacefully. 

I woke up at 4.30 pm probably. I was feeling so sleepy yet then and heard Rick's voice. So I went outside of my home and found him playing cricket alone. As soon as he saw me, asked me to play with him. And we played a little bit. Maybe for ten minutes. Still, those ten minutes were spent awesomely. Here are all the pictures. Rick is looking awesome some of the pictures. All pictures have been taken with Sony A7iii which is basically a full frame mirrorless camera. 
Sourajit Saha's Nephew Rick 1

Sourajit Saha And Rick 1

Sourajit Saha And Rick 2

Sourajit Saha Playing Cricket 2

Sourajit Saha Playing Cricket

Sourajit Saha's Nephew Rick 2

Sourajit Saha's Nephew Rick 3

Sourajit Saha's Nephew Rick 4

Sourajit Saha Playing Cricket 3

Sourajit Saha Playing Cricket 4

Sourajit Saha At Muskaan
Anyway, I use Instagram daily, kindly check my Instagram profile, the username is sourajitsaha17, here you will get all the images, captured by this camera, Pixel 2 and all. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp etc. Take care. Have a nice day. - Sourajit Saha