Generally, I click photos a lot of every day and post them on my blog. But yesterday was different. I couldn't take a good nap, so therefore I felt a little bit sleepy and lazy. I didn't want to take the camera out and click pictures at all. If you check my latest blog posts, all are the photo-based post. I love to share them in my blog, want to get crawled and indexed by Google and all. And write them, where I took them when I took them in details. But right now I don't have enough pictures, two be honest I have only two images, and those were clicked yesterday by my Google Pixel 2, and not with my camera. So don't expect excellent image quality as I posted previously. 

The first one is a plate full of chowmin. Made by my mom. You may ask me what's so special with it? Actually or unfortunately, I don't like foods made by my mom. I told her that before, and I know she felt upset sometimes with this issue. I'm sorry but what will I say if I don't like the taste. But it sometimes happens, when I praise her for the food she made. But that's very rare. And this time, it happens. The chowmin looks good at least to me, and it tastes so yummy! I immediately told my mom- the chowmin tastes awesome, I really like it. And she made another plate of chowmin at night. Who does like to get a compliment? And if especially it comes from her son? Thanks, mom for making so delicious food. Make for me for again and again. 

The second picture is about my earring actually. I recently went to Mani Square and did piercing on both of my ears. Primarily they provided me with a stainless steel earring to reduce the chance of getting infected. And they also provided me with a couple of earrings with it for free of cost. Somehow I had lost them in Mani Square while taking out the wallet from my pocket. I was really upset at the time until I ordered two pairs of earrings from Amazon on the same day. And got it delivered to me on yesterday. It's much better than the shop had provided me as a free of cost. I was just trying to check how it appeared or looked like in my ear, so I turned on the camera and took a photo. I really like that photo as it appeared. 
Made By Sourajit's Mom

Sourajit Saha Piercing
And I will share a video made by me today morning. I was just sitting alone and was planning for doing something new. Then I decided to create a slideshow, and some music will be in the background. Then opened my google photos account and downloaded several pictures of mine and it would take hardly 15 mins to create the video, and the song is my favourite one- "I'm the one" by DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper. I set that song in the background of the slideshow. Here is the video. Hope you will like it (only, if you like me).
Anyway, I am highly active on Instagram which is basically a photo-sharing platform. Kindly check my Instagram profile, the username is sourajitsaha17. Here you will get all the images, captured by this camera, Pixel 2 and all. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp etc. Take care. Have a nice day. - Sourajit Saha