Dear SRK, I'm going to write this letter not for sending it to you by any way through Twitter or Facebook, rather than my personal relief. I'm going through a bad period, and probably I have to worst love life ever happens to anyone, and I wrote that before. Even being a die-hard fan of the "King Of Romance", I don't know or approach girl hope to fall in love with me. It feels me worthless sometimes. Maybe I'm not a true fan of yours. Or I could not learn anything from you or your romantic movies in the last 20-25 years. That's my fault, not yours. Maybe I'm not a true SRKian. Otherwise, it won't happen to me. 2-3 days ago, I got a message from a friend, and everything went wrong wither her. Wrote here- follow a person. Watch his movies, listen to his movie songs, listen to his motivational speech, check information about him on google, look at his smiles, know about his struggle, know about his caring and protective nature,  and you will forget your pain especially by watching his smile. And he is none but SRK.
Sourajit Saha - Die Hard Fan Of SRK
So whenever I felt sad, felt worthless, unsuccessful in love life, I hear your movie songs. Kal Ho Na Ho, Suraj Hua Maddham, Jaadu Teri Nazar, I'm The Best, Zaalima, Tukur Tukur and those bring a smile on my face. I feel happy immensely and forget what happens to me, all of my pain. SRK, I pray you to live long enough to entertain me, motivate me, inspire me in my whole life, as you did in my elder sister's generation and as well as my next generation too. Today morning, I was looking for a well-written SRK fan letter and got a letter from Cape Town South Africa. And I read that in front of the camera, despite being not habituated in front of the video camera. I was mumbling, was feeling nervous. Still, I think you will understand what am I trying to say and what she wrote actually. I made a video and posted that on YouTube mentioning that girl's name in the title. Here is the video. Lots of Love and respect my dear idol. - Sourajit Saha 

Another thing I noticed about Google. Everyone loves his/her kid(s). Same for Google. Google gives pixel 2 and pixel 3 only unlimited storage space for photos and videos. Same happens with YouTube too as you know that YouTube is a product of Google. I have posted a few photos for last 6-7 days, and Google crawled only one picture among them. Last day, I posted a video about our school (KUEHS) reunion on YouTube and Google crawled that within few hours and today, today when I posted that video of a fan letter to SRK, Google crawled that within 10 mins and showed that in the google search result. Google is a true family man. :)

EXUBEATZ - Promotional Event Of nEXus'18 In Google Search

SRK Fan Letter In Google Search - Sourajit Saha
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