Even in the darkest night, you can clearly watch those shiny stars. Even after darkest night, you will be able to see the world in sunlight. I feel trouble while making love. Everything. I found no one perfect for me. She does not need to be extraordinary to match my level best rather than I love the very common ordinary kind-hearted person as my soul mate. And after facing a lot of issues of breakups and all, I was so tired and got hurt by them. They might think me as a playboy because maybe I am unable to continue in a relationship for even more than a month. But trust me, I tried everything to adjust to them. But the adjustment is a thing you both need to do that, you both have to sacrifice for each other, understand each other. So whenever I got hurt, it felt me broken, so upset that time. Was even about to cry in my room. Yeah, even I cried while the song was playing on my PC "Agar Tum Saath Ho" from the movie "Tamasha". You may laugh after reading all my girlish activities. But I'm very much emotional and sentimental. I may be egoistic, but I'm also kind hearted.

So being an emotional boy, whenever someone does something for me, it's like kind of blessing to me, I am grateful to her/them. When I went to my school (Kalyani University Experimental High School), and a few school students asked me, how are you Sourajit da? It makes me immensely happy that time. At least some people care for me, ask me how I am. It's not like about feeling celebrity that time just because I'm passing out of that school 8 yrs ago, its because people still love me too even after being hated by so many. Last night I was talking about handwriting with a junior. And I told her- my handwriting is probably the worst handwriting I have ever seen. I wrote only one letter; it was a fan letter to Mr. Johnny Depp, now I have that confusion as it was handwritten so would he be able to read that letter? That pathetic handwriting. I don't know. But he gave me his autograph which will be priceless to me as I always wanted to be like him. Last day, I sent a photo to one of my BFF, and he told- your hair looks like Mr. Depp's hair completely. Should not I take this as a compliment? Because he is not that type of boy, who loves to butter friends and unknown people as well. And people will love to call me as- self-obsessed! Anyway, that junior friend from our school sent me the couple of hand writings after I asked that I love to see my name written by someone. And she sent me immediately; I was really surprised as I did not expect that from her. Thank you a lot Ms. R for sending me this and I'm going to post that here. Even I have posted this kind of blog posts just before. And I'm grateful to you both for making me feel special- especially to a very very very ordinary boy like me. May God bless you. And the last thing, who loves to talk rubbish and behave like there are the only one here in our city and others don't exist at all- before saying something shit to anyone, think about yourself if the same words have been spoken to you. Okay, you are normal, and I'm emotional. For your kind information- not every king needs a crown to prove himself. It's a proverb actually. :)
Sourajit Saha - Remember The Name
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