How many of you listen to One Direction even now? The band has been broken maybe in 2016. And yeah, I still listen to one direction. "They Don't Know About Us", "Best Song Ever", "No Control", "What Makes You Beautiful", "Rock Me" are still my favourite songs. I listen to them daily. I upload memes on them daily as WhatsApp status. I miss them every day. I don't know the exact reason of spiting up, but I really feel sad for them, for me, for all directioners as well. If they were still together, we got many more songs to feel good; we could get another reason to bring the smile on our face. Obviously, I'm talking about directioners only because there are a lot of haters who love to make fun of them and most probably they have found a reason for their satisfaction and happiness cause the band is no more. They won't be able to see Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam together anymore. Congratulation to you.

When Zayn first left the band, and he gave a statement- "After five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I'd like to apologize to the fans if I've let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart. I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight." so Zayn, are you like a normal guy now? Without any kind of spotlight? Without millions of fans? Without verified badge on social networks? Really are you? 

When did media ask Zayn about his relation with harry styles (obviously after leaving the band)? And he replied- "To be honest, I never really spoke to Harry even when I was in the band. So I didn't really expect that much of a relationship with him." really??? It sounds so strange at least to me. Were not they good friends? But I have seen their videos on stage a lot, and I have seen their chemistry (don't take it otherwise), and I never felt like they were not good friends at all. Okay, let me show you some of Zarry (Zayn + Harry) pictures below. 
Zayn Malik And Harry Styles 1

Zayn Malik And Harry Styles 2

Zayn Malik And Harry Styles 3

Zayn Malik And Harry Styles 4
So even after watching these will you tell that they don't have good bonding? I saw a video of a one direction live show after zayn leaving the band. Harry was crying while singing a song. It's for a few seconds still media was able to capture that moment wisely. Yeah harry care for him a lot actually, but zayn cares about himself more than anyone.  After Zayn leave then band, two years later, Liam said in an interview- "We introduce ourselves as Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam because without Zayn we are not One Direction". It sounds so so touchy and wonderful. Now if you are in my WhatsApp contact, you might have seen Zayn Malik's photo most of the time in status. So you may ask me why are you blaming him continuously when you share his photo? Are you supporting him or against him? Well, the answer is I liked Zayn's look when he was in one direction. If you notice carefully, all of the pictures are taken in 2011-12-13, that period. Zayn's look has been changed a lot and now the look he carries at present, to be honest, I don't like that at all. He was cute in his teenage, the turned into a sexy guy, and now he looks like a drug addict. But I like the way Harry always looks, his personality, his mentality everything. Even when Zayn said this kind of stuff about harry, at the same time Harry praised, supported and respected Zayn's decision. He never uses any embarrassing statement towards Zayn, because he knows well where to start a thing and where to stop. Just like Donald Trump and Barrack Obama. There was a Facebook page which used to make fun of one direction and said that their lyrics is kind of shit and nothing else. But I find some lines from some songs very beautiful and touchy. Just like- Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. I love this line so much.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell
You don't know, oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful

This one is also interesting-

I said, "Can I take you home with me?"
She said, "Never in your wildest dreams."

And rick and I shout this line as much loud as possible-

"I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me, yeah."

This was one of their songs when Zayn was no more with them still awesome! One of my x asked me to listen to this song-

And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places, we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

Other favourite lyrics are-

You and I
We don't wanna be like them
We can make it 'til the end
Nothing can come between

So those are just stroke on my mind when I'm looking for their lyrics, there are lot more good lyrics which I actually like. Actually, I like all of their songs, love those five idiots and all the best wishes for them, for their music career and have a peaceful life.  Anyway, No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp etc. I often write statuses about One Direction on my Instagram Stories. You may also follow me there. The user id is- sourajitsaha17. Take care. Have a nice day. - Sourajit Saha