Meet our old-school band- "Probaho". 
  • Raktim Banerjee as the drummer.
  • Sayan Chatterjee as lead vocalist and guitarist.
  • Curtis Green as Guitarist.
  • Mainak Dasgupta as bass guitarist.
They were rehearsing for tomorrow's show at KUEHS premises (nEXus'18). All pictures have been captured by Sony Mirrorless A7iii. I don't upload photos on Facebook generally. I am highly active on Instagram which is basically a photo-sharing platform. Kindly check my Instagram profile, the username is sourajitsaha17

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Bangla Band "Probaho" 1

Bangla Band "Probaho" 2

Bangla Band "Probaho" 3

Bangla Band "Probaho" 4

Bangla Band "Probaho" 5

Bangla Band "Probaho" 6

Bangla Band "Probaho" 7

Bangla Band "Probaho" 8

Bangla Band "Probaho" 9

Bangla Band "Probaho" 10

Bangla Band "Probaho" 11

Bangla Band "Probaho" 12

Bangla Band "Probaho" 13

Bangla Band "Probaho" 14
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