Yesterday I captured a few photos of rick when he was watching Mr Bean on YouTube. To be honest, I intentionally played the Mr bean, so that I could capture his smiling face, some of his candid moments. And here are the pictures I have got. Whenever people ask him to give a pose or like- "smile, i will click your photo", and he gets nervous immediately. His expression is not so good if someone asks him to smile or give a pose. But I always ask him- forget about the camera (when it was mounted on tripod) and let's talk to me. And he really doesn't care about the camera at that time. Here are few sample pictures of me and rick. I hope you will like those. Even when my friends, sisters see those candid moments, they are so amazed and said- how nice those pictures are, and obviously the kid (Rick). And all pictures have been captured by Sony full frame mirrorless A7iii. The camera makes my work so easy. If I mount it on my tripod, and set as continious shoot mod, it will capture our photos by itself. only phones are not smart, even cameras are smart also.Just you have to control the camera with your smartphone app, android or iOS whatever.
Rick and Sourajit Saha 1
Rick and Sourajit Saha 2
Rick and Sourajit Saha 3
Rick and Sourajit Saha 4 
Nephew Rick at Muskaan 1

Nephew Rick at Muskaan 2

Nephew Rick at Muskaan 3

One more week to go Sunburn festival 2018 sponsored by Kingfisher. Literally, I was waiting for the date for the whole year, and when Abir informed me about it, I immediately open the BookMyShow site and booked two tickets of sunburn. This time, Ingrosso & Axwell will come to Kolkata. I never heard about them, but I knew Swedish House Mafia. The group has been split, and now among those three guys,  Ingrosso & Axwell both perform together. Yeah, just like- Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas. Here is a video of  Sunburn 2018 posted by Sunburn Authority on YouTube. The background so is- "Yellow Claw - City On Lockdown".  

After purchasing those couple tickets, I was looking for a partner and ended with once my school life friend Meghasree confirmed me that she will definitely attend the event. Now I have four tickets with me. Meghasree, Samriddha, Ilena and I. And two friends of Sree will also join with us. It's a really nice group, especially, we all love madness, dance moves, EDM music, DJ nights and obviously Sunburn. 
Sunburn festival 2018 Kolkata 
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