My close friends often make fun of me, with my looks- that I always copy Mr Shah Rukh Khan. Unfortunately, I don't have the beard. So I can't copy Mr Khan's latest look rather than I can copy well his older look very nice. So should I take that as a positive or negative compliment? Negative compliment means a compliment for leg pulling. Anyway, first of all, Shah Rukh Khan is my idol, and I'm a huge fan of him. We only have a similarity, that's our hair. I don't like to get praised by myself, but the only one thing I like about me is my hair, really it's good enough. So, sometimes when the overdo that, its still enjoyable as he is my idol and I want to be like him, like, SRK, like Johnny Depp, like Harry Styles, like Zayn Malik and all. I never copy them completely rather than I get inspired by them. My copy style is a little bit different. I don't copy the looks only. Whenever I watch their interviews, I keep my eyes on how they enter the show, the way they are seating, the way they are looking at the host, the way they are talking, smiling, make fun of something, sense of humor. I watch them very carefully. And somehow those have been injected into my mind and personality. I don't do that intentionally. Even their accent too. Here are a few pictures of mine where you can call me a good copycat. 
Sourajit Saha & SRK 1

Sourajit Saha & SRK 2

Sourajit Saha & Harry Styles

Sourajit Saha & Johnny Depp

Sourajit Saha & Justin bieber FAN

Sourajit Saha & Neymar Jr.

Sourajit Saha And Johnny Depp 2
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