It was the early morning when Avishekda and I was standing and gossiping about my idols and their arrogance until Suvojit came and join with us.  Now it's our daily routine, I mean for me and Avishekda. When went there every morning for a cup of tea and pure added. He is such a lovely companion I have to get. Then we moved to the A-11 playground and gossiping about Bollywood stars. Later Gautamda joins us. Gautamda was planning to start online marketing soon, as soon as I came to know the fact I immediately said yes, even I could help you in that issue as I have a 7-8 yrs experience on Search Engine Optimization and blogging. So Gautamda told me he would come here with taking sometimes and discuss about SEO with me. I feel honored. Then we all went to the home and met Suvojit in front of his house. He took me with him to keep fit gym as he wanted to join there shortly. Before joining there, he had some query on it and went there to clear them all. Even I joined that gym once, for one day and my super intelligent friend Barun showed me almost all the exercise possible there. And those gave me a lot of pressure, that was kind of overdose to me. So I stopped going there even after only one day, and today I told him the whole incident. Probably he will understand why I left the gym so early. 
German Shepherd Clicked By Sourajit Saha 1

Suvojit and I went to bus terminus, and there were a lot of boys and girls as well. Basically it was Sunday, so the gathering was much than normal days. Most of them came there to take photos. And we went there also for the same reason. Suvojit took some good pics of mine, and even I took some of his pictures, and he made one of them as his profile picture. Whenever I found any of image captured by me like someone's profile picture that makes me immensely happy, later we went to d block to a dog seller. He has oneGerman Shepard, and another is a complete black Labrador. Both are too friendly, and I was able to capture a lot of their photos in his shutter speed. My mobile won't work them as they move too fast, so I had to take help of high shutter speed and was able to capture some good photos and going to share those all here. Actually, I love dogs too, and I have a fear of them also. If I find someone very friendly, then I might play with it otherwise love to stay away from it. 
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German Shepherd Clicked By Sourajit Saha 2

German Shepherd Clicked By Sourajit Saha 3

German Shepherd Clicked By Sourajit Saha 4

German Shepherd Clicked By Sourajit Saha 5

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German Shepherd Clicked By Sourajit Saha 6
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