Most of the time, I have been considered as a rude person with full of attitude, rough and all. Trust me; I'm a very simple fun loving guy. I'm kind of self-obsessed, and I found nothing wrong in it. Yeah, I'm a little bit egoistic, and that's not good, I know that even I always admit that. But still people are talking about my nature and behavior, that's kind of bitterness, and those hurt me a lot. I love to make people smile, not to make them angry. Still, I have been considered as a bad guy. Always. Even when I'm in my school days, I was so shy, reserve and more introvert, I heard all these that time also. 

Don't know my mood is to off to share all this. And found someone today who said- even you are not good enough for friendship and she is from Chandan Nagar. I never expected this kind of negative compliment from anyone. And she is the only one who did not like my company. I'm not so smart, I'm not the one who is very intellectual, I'm not the one who can speak lies fluently, but I'm the one who can tell you something straightforward, and that's my problem, I'm the one who can't speak lies, never in his life, and that's my problem. I don't believe in the formal way, rather than I have my own style of talking and approaching people. So I'm good for some people, and I'm bad to some people for the same reason. I don't know how to express my feelings on Facebook. It would be easier to meet them one by one - face to face, and I'm pretty much sure they will be forced to change their thoughts about me. Still, I feel sorry if I hurt anyone of them unintentionally. Among my 100 known people maybe there is 95 person who does not like me. Still, there are very few who cares for me. And one of them is.... 17 years old. Nine years junior to me. Still, care for me a lot. And sent me today morning a nice thing, nice gift. Going to share that here.
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