We are so excited that Muskaan will be colored within few days. We needed that a long time ago. Cause the gate and the colourless (?) house did not mix and match. Even we don't know what the colour will be selected! It will roughly take two weeks at least to complete. Until that??? waiting! :) 

I don't read a single book for a long time. I don't know why this kind of bad habit has been created. The book helps to excel our knowledge. Even proper observation also does the same job. I love the subject psychology a lot. I love to observe people. Sometimes I come to some conclusions- you are communist. You studied in a girl's school. You love literature. right? And I get positive replies all the time though I communicate with people through Facebook or Instagram very less. Almost no social interaction in real life. As I have enough time in my hand so I can think a lot. Anyway, though I don't read books at all, but I read blogs, websites regularly (I'm active on Twitter and Pinterest nowadays). 
Cultivate Reading Habit Is Essential

Reading can excel your knowledge, can change your perspective towards anything. So before start writing, you need to read a lot. I can write a lot; even I can write page after page about my thoughts, where books help me to think better and faster. One of my favourite writers was late Humayun Ahmed. He was quite good in psychology. I read something in his book- how to make people cry in a movie or novel? his answer was- build a character, make him lovable by people, give some good qualities in his nature like humanity, kindness, politeness, and well behaved. Then kill him somehow. People will cry. Just imagine, probably you all have seen Titanic. When Jack died, people were crying. But even 2.5 hours ago, they did not know who Jack was. So why people are crying while watching the scene? Because James Cameron created his character so carefully, even any teenage girl will be impressed by his look and nature. P.B Shelley once said- "Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought". I completely agree with her. One of my favourite psychology websites is- Psychology Today. WebMD is also good. They both have same domain authority- 92. So can you imagine, how important those sites are in Google's eyes! I don't know any particular doctor or professor here. But whenever I search about something related to any disease or psychological terms, I find those sites among the top ten. So what will be the new year resolution? To read more blogs and articles? Okay deal done!