Hello, I'm 26 years old. Should I use "guy" or "boy" while describing me? Because even being 26, I still pretend myself as a teenager. My nephews and nieces treat me as a teenager. So I always use the term "boy". I'm an Online Marketer. And most of the time I have to elaborate this term to people. I publish ads by Google to different blogs, and Google pays me for that. It is as simple as that. But whenever I use the term online marketer or digital marketer, I have to explain also those terms. As I belong from an area where online is not so mainstream except Facebook. I was born and brought up (partly) at Kanchrapara. Unfortunately, I don't have any memory of that place. Still, I love to see the pictures captured by my family — beautiful garden, maintained by my father, uncle and grandfather. I don't have many memories of my grandfather. As far as I can remember, he loves to smoke. 
My Thoughts- Sourajit Saha
We shifted to Kalyani (which is our current and permanent house) when I was 1.5 years old. In my childhood, I spent most of the times at the playground as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp most importantly smartphone didn't exist then. Our life was such a different than my nephew's and nieces. Outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton were our companions. I had a lot of friends, and I thought we could be in touch for the rest of our lives in the same way. We also played Carrom, Monopoly, Ludo, Chess as our indoor game. And we were so happy at the time. 

kids now vs. before
Then the internet came. And it was not so much easily available at that time. And the speed was much much less than now. It took 5 seconds to appear a 900x600 resolution picture. I downloaded Arnold Schwarzenegger's photo and Cristiano Ronaldo's photo from the internet. I had a PC at that time, but without an internet connection, so I had to go cyber cafe to download all the images. At the same time, I decided to create a few websites on my computer without any computer connection. I know it sounds funny but I use my hard disk as a server, and those pages were connected through the hyperlink. Basic HTML was in our syllabus. And I learned a few more codes from elders and made three websites. Maybe I got my internet connection when I was 12th standard. My journey started with Orkut and Facebook.

Then twitter, Pinterest, youtube, Instagram one by one. Day by day I was least interested in connecting people socially but loved to connect on social media. Though I'm a shy, reserved boy but basically those social media made me more unsocial. I am also a college dropout (Check about me). For that, I'm neither happy nor unhappy. But people make so much fun at their college, university life. I am the unlucky fellow to understand all those things. And people love to spread any gossips. When I left my college. The entire locality and my friend circle knew that- and they asked each other- why did that boy leave college? He was a good student! Whereas when I started earning good from Adsense, I never told anyone about my earnings. But somehow it spreaded that I have a lot of money. Even my nephew thinks so. In that consequence, I should say something. But for some reasons, I don't want to discuss about that much. I look at today's kids- they are very busy with mobile games like clash of clans, subway surfers, temple run, I can't remember all those names, but they spend a lot of time with this. They open their Facebook profile when they are 13-14 years old. Busy all days while scrolling news feed, likes, shares, comments and all. To be honest, once upon a time, I was addicted to Facebook. And now YouTube. But I think YouTube is the far better platform to excel yourself and your talent. 

I purchased this domain on 21st March 2017. I was excited to purchase a domain of my name, but it would be better if I purchased a domain, named sourajitsaha.com; it would be easier to rank for the keyword "Sourajit Saha". Anyway, I started writing about how to blog, blogging tricks. But you have to remember there are a lot of blogs are already there to provide information about those topics. So generally my blog failed to rank. (for example- I wrote a post for creating an event blog) And for that reason, I started from the scratch- which topic can be ranked and which can't be. So even after eight years, I fail to select the perfect blog niche for me. Imran Uddin was behind my most successful blog's idea. Right now I have a little team to work. And I trust their ability to perform. That's the reason I can focus on the future rather than focusing again and again on the failure. When I hear from my friend that he does not know much about technical stuff. And I say him- you are so lucky. Stay away from all technical stuff and enjoy your life as you did in your teenage. Even I want to stay away from my nephew from Facebook/Instagram and all technical stuff. He is ten years old. Once he will grow up, he will definitely involve in those technical stuff, and those will be with him till his last day. Probably he will not choose any kind of profession like his uncle. And I don't want to see him like a robot dealing all day all night with the machine. More mechanical and less emotional.     

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