Last day, I was watching an interview of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki. The host threw an interesting question- in the technology race, I mean in term of coding, learning technology, and getting a job in a tech company- are female lagging behind this race? So you can see here- Susan, being a female, is the SEO of YouTube, which has been considered as second largest search engine after Google. Though YouTube is also a part of Google or now you can say- alphabet, their parent company. 
Girls Can Code
I strongly believe in women power. Susan is a great example of that. Here is a list of female CEOs around the world. If a girl is interested in technology stuff, love to do coding, then why not! Even I have faced a similar issue- I learned to use TeamViewer from my ex-girlfriend who is five years junior to me. She loved to play Grand Theft Auto Vice City. She could download movies from the internet and asked me if I need any downloadable link for any movie! So if you consider me as a tech lover or expert, she was better than me in few issues. After that, I strongly believe that yes, a girl can do code, download movie, operate any computer, expert in search engine optimization. There is a female too in our area, who is an Instagram model, she has a personal blog, even has a merchandise store of her own.

There was another question- a male get much salary than a female, which this kind of discrimination? Though I did not find any perfect answer from their replies. It's bitter truth that the technology market is still male-dominated. Female can excel their talents in acting, writing books, food recipes, beauty, even there are some successful mum bloggers also. But that's the limit. I believe the scenario will be changed a lot after ten years. Though I saw a statistic- in 2030, 14% of working people from all over the world have to search for another job because of artificial intelligence. AI is now so smart, and it's developing towards perfection day by day, it's amazing. Now you can see different folders for different people in photos. And you can rename those. For example, if I click on Uttiyo's folder, only his photos will appear in that folder. So it can recognize faces very well. Even the side faces too. Not only that, it can differentiate sky, recipes, cars, wedding, selfies, palaces, football, forests, flowers, lakes, lattes, concerts, food, bikes, bridges, birds, dogs, cats and many more. If you open the dog's folder, only dog's photos will appear. So AI is so smart now. AI has been applied now all over the technology fields. Whenever you click the search option on Instagram, you will find those pics you like; it's based on your previous searches. And those are also categorized like style, science and tech, fitness, music, sports and many more. As I search a lot- One Direction, Zayn Malik, Shah Rukh Khan, so Instagram shows me their photos mainly. AI has been applied on Snapchat too. It can detect a face, lips, nose, eyes even from different angles. 

When I mentioned about discrimination about sex, but mentality about racism has been changed a lot. For example- Barack Obama, who is the first black president in united stated, and my most favorite president ever. Sundar Pichai has been selected as CEO of the tech giant company Google, who is an Indian. So, these are pretty good things. And companies like Apple, Microsoft or Google always judge their employee by their talent and creativity, not by their skin tone. 

Back to our main topic, girls are not lagged behind this technology race, even they can sometimes do better, and they can idolize Susan, who is quite successful SEO since 2014. And salary discrimination? I don't know the reason- but if an employee works really well for the company, the company should pay him/her what he/she deserves, whatever male or female. No more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.