Apple Music is a popular streaming music services, such as its contestants, Spotify, Pandora, etc. You need a subscription in order to receive your on-demand device music stream. You can no longer access music when the subscription is canceled or expired. Why is that happening? Due to the fact that all streaming/subscription music services provide the DRM-locked music needed by record labels. These music you receive from the music streaming service are basically "rented" rather than "owned." So you can't access the music anymore when you stop subscribing. So, how to get apple music free forever? 
How To Get Apple Music Free Forever
The malfunction of the DRM system can ruin your collections in 1 minute over tens of years, even if you pay the subscription fee continually. Apple Music uses iCloud to upload songs to the Apple Music service that have caused major problems. It deletes the user's local music storage and replaces the DRM version of their uploaded music. These problems will be fixed later, but no one knows when and what loss they are causing again. 

Trial Period

Apple Music offers free trial for 3 months, so you can save tracks in a subscription to listen offline. If a free 3-month trial ends or you cancel the service, here is the solution to show you how to keep Apple Music tracks downloaded after a three- month free trial.

After your trial is over, how can you keep my downloaded Apple Music? You recently waved on paid music by Apple online and then it led you to pass your membership. Apple Music has expired and the songs can't be played as usual. How can you play the songs without being re-registered? 

We all know that if you don't pay for the monthly service after your 3-month free trial, the songs you downloaded from Apple Music will be deleted from the Apple Music songs, albums and playlists you add to your iTunes Library. The iTunes music library is available with payment–the only way. If you don't have internet connections, you just can download a song offline listening to music. However, you can no longer play iTunes Music freely if you finish the music subscription. So, after the subscription ends how do you keep Apple Music? Take it easy, this post shows you how to get apple music free forever, and after using this tool you can play iTunes music on your mobile device for free. 

Keep Apple Songs for Free Forever

There are number of Apple Music Converter that you can download designed for Apple users to remove iTunes-protected DRM. Such converters allow you to convert MP4 songs to free MP3 files. Once the conversion is complete, you can play iTunes music free again and again. The entire iTunes Library is displayed so you won't bother to transfer tracks to such softwares from iTunes. You can easily backup DRM-protected files just like saving other MP3-related music files on your mobile device by converting Apple Music to popular formats like MP3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, and M4R.

Once this conversion is done, you can play your converted music from iTunes on various mobile compatible devices such as Car video, Samsung, HTC, Motorola Droids, any other MP4/MP3 player and your mobile phone.

Step 1. Download

Download app on your computer I.e., the Apple Music Converter. When the program is running, iTunes automatically run on the computer simultaneously.

Step 2. Select the iTunes Music

All iTunes files including music, playlists, audio books, MP4 audio, iTunes movies and TV shows are automatically loaded by the program. 

1. Click on the "Library" button and select the tracks you want to remove DRM from the Apple Music and to convert them to MP3.
2. Select iTunes music to convert.

You can either select multiple files one by one or select the whole album using the top of the menu bar checkbox.

1. Click "Music" on the left and sort all of the songs in the iTunes library if you have added Apple Music Songs / Albums. 
2. Check the "Apple Music AAC audio file" songs.

Step 3. Set the MP3 as the Output Format

You should select the music output format to convert all the Apple music songs to MP3 format after selecting the Apple Music you want to rip / convert. Select MP3 from the "Output Format" column in the drop-down list. You can change output parameters such as channels, sample rate, codec, bitrate, etc. 

1. Select mp3 output format
2. Select MP3 as the Output Profile for Converted Music
3. Select mp3 output profile

Adjust the Speed of the Music Conversion

Go to Options>>General if you want to change the conversion speed. To adjust the convert speed, use the window options "Set Custom Audio Conversion Speed (1- 16)."

Step 4. Convert iTunes Music

The last step is to start converting Apple Music from MP4 Music to MP3 and save the Apple converted songs to the computer using the "Start to Convert" button. You will have to wait a few minutes for the conversion to be completed and then you will be able to use your converted iTunes Music in DRM-free MP3 format without any restrictions, just click the 'Open Output File' button. You can view the converted music files of iTunes on your computer. It's easy and comfortable method, right? The best thing is that you no longer have to spend money on the subscription.

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