In the last few weeks, you may have noticed that a new tab in Facebook, called "Marketplace" is now available. This tab is now a gateway to a new Facebook service, which is a marketplace just the way it sounds. The social media giant recently showed that they are ready to take the likes of eBay, Quickr, and OLX with Facebook's ever-changing model and meta. And the new company called the Marketplace is their choice weapon. With this new feature, every interested seller and buyer is in search of how to get Facebook marketplace?
How To Get Facebook Marketplace
Available on all platforms

With the definition of Marketplace by Facebook, Marketplace has a simple, convenient interface that enables your area to shop and sell. You can browse the listings near you to find great items to buy and even look for. You can access the market from all platforms, such as iOS, Android, and PC. 

In the apps, Marketplace has the new tab right next to Notification, while on the left hand fast access panels right below News Feed and Messenger. No need to download or build a new account for another app.

The items on the market include various things including gadgets, equipment, household items, and even immobilization. Facebook says that while you always control the amount of information you share, there is always the opportunity to phish and spam. It is therefore always a good idea that sensitive data such as credit card numbers and bank details not be shared.

If you want to clean out unused products or buy something for your office, it's a great starting point in the Facebook Marketplace. You probably already have a Facebook account, so you have market access already. This is a one-stop shop where people in your community can sell and purchase items. The Facebook Marketplace enables you to easily buy and sell from your home anything from electronics and furnishings to furniture and vehicles.

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How to get Facebook marketplace

You already have Marketplace if you have a Facebook account. The social media platform is an integrated feature. Marketplace is available either through Facebook or via the internet browser to log into Facebook. The function Marketplace is shown by an icon that looks like a house.

You need to create one to access marketplace if you don't already have a Facebook account. Facebook can be used free of charge, and registration is fast. In about 50 countries, including the US, the Facebook Marketplace is available worldwide. Feature users must be 18 years of age and older. So next time when someone ask you how to get Facebook marketplace, tell him you already have.

Buy and Sell on Marketplace

It is convenient and not too time consuming to buy and sell goods on Facebook Marketplace. You'll see a menu with options for purchasing and selling once you're in the Facebook market. One of the advantages of using the Marketplace is that you communicate directly with interested buyers via the platform instead of using email or messaging. 

Buying on the marketplace of Facebook is convenient. You can browse by keyword or search by category to buy something on the Facebook marketplace. There are multiple items like household, hobby related stuff, electronics, vehicles, and books. Most of what you're looking for is available in new and used conditions on the marketplace.

Filter Search Items

You can also filter your search by price and location when you buy on the Facebook marketplace. It can help you reduce searches in your area and in the price range from hundreds to just a few items. Although you search for items at your current location, if you want to look elsewhere, you can change the location of your search. If you're moving to offices or looking for a item for somebody else, you can search that too. 

After you find an item, select the item to check the description and pictures. To directly send the message to the seller, click the "Ask About Availability" button. In order to ask any queries, to confirm the price and to arrange the pickup you may contact the seller through market. 

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Make sure you have a current picture of the item for sale to buy on Facebook Marketplace. That must be uploaded together with the item description. The description, including the condition of the item and its measurements, should be as detailed as possible. If imperfections exist or the item does not work properly, you also need disclosure. 

The last thing that you have to post is a price. Select a price that will probably be paid by people rather than the retail cost of the item. Age and condition of the product should be based on pricing. If you're not sure how to price you can always search to see what others charge for similar items. Price them accordingly if you sell new products or bulk items. 

You are ready to list your item on the Facebook Marketplace when you have a photo, description and price. To create a sales post, click "Sell anything" button, include all of the information required and choose "Post" to post. This gives the post live and people in a certain geographical range of your location can view it. 

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