Your privacy is something you always want to keep secured and far from the reach of everyone else. Our phones are the places where most of our privacy is being kept, we hardly give access to our phones to just anyone. To make sure it's secured and inaccessible we put locks on them so other people won't be able to manipulate them unless you want them too. The only problem is having your phone hacked by someone, yes your phones can be hacked by someone who hasn't even come in contact with it. This leaves your privacy unsecured and capable to be accessed by the hacker who will use your information to carry actions that are unsafe for you. They may get access to your emails, your contacts and even your money savings information which leaves your money unsecured. So if you find out your phone is hacked you obviously know your information is not safe and you need to carry on some actions, if this has happened to you we are here to help you with some tips on how to unhack your phone.
How To Unhack Your Phone
Reset your phone to factory settings

The best way to get full access of your phone again will be to reset it back to the factory settings. By doing this you will erase all the data on your device that is, you'll get rid of all the files, the videos, audios, apps, games and so on. This will bring your phone back to the way it was manufactured from the factory, getting rid of all your data means getting rid of the hackers access in your phone and also making sure that your files like videos and pictures are not used. So you get rid of it leaving the hackers no access to them and you can just start everything back from square one, it may be hectic but being secure is more important.

Get rid of apps you don't recognize

When you think your phone is hacked or you know it's hacked and can't figure out how, you should check your phone for unrecognise apps and if they are any you should uninstall all of them. If you don't know how it got there that's a sign that it should not be there in the first place. So you should make sure to get rid of it from your phone. Also make sure to install apps that are from secured app stores, as to avoid being the one to provide a way for your phone to be hacked.

Stop using unsecured Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi is an easy way for hackers easily gain access  into your phone, especially with public Wi-Fi that may have been compromised by hackers already. So if you think your phone is being hacked, it is best to stop using the Wi-Fi you're connected to. Try this and see if anything changes and if you feel your phone is no longer being hacked by someone else. If you notice a change make sure not to use the Wi-Fi again and be careful when you use other public Wi-Fi, when using them restrict yourself to simple web browsing and don’t use them for banking, shopping or even accessing email.

Use antivirus mobile software

If you think your phone is hacked, use a mobile antivirus software that will keep the phone secure by locating malware that may be hiding apps and automatically blocks them from downloading. It will also identify any unsecured thing that is present in your phone which may be what the hacker is using to get through to your phone. This will help keep your phone secure always and identify any app that may be of harm.

Your software on your device should be up to date

If you find out that your phone has been hacked you should  keep the software on your devices up to date. A phone with an outdated operating system (OS) has more vulnerabilities making them susceptible to an attacker, this may be why your phone was easy to be hacked as your phones OS vulnerabilities are use to compromise the phone. They won't be able to detect all the malware leaving the access of the hacker.

Turn off the Internet

If your phone is being hacked you may want to turn off your Internet and go offline untill you're able to resolve everything. The hacker might be getting access from an app installed in your phone which might be possible only when you are connected to the Internet. You should trying staying offline from your phone until you can find a solution to keep the hacker out completely.

After making sure to unhack your phone when hacked, you can take several steps to avoid it from happening again like always keeping your phones operating system up to date, do not download apps from untrusted sites, don't leave your phone to be accessible by the people you may not trust, always have an antivirus app to detect unsafe apps and malware. If you can prevent it from happening you won't have to go through the trouble of unhacking it.

If you were ever wondering how to unhack your phone, I hope this writing was of great helpful to you who needed it and also helps you to keep your phone from being hacked, and secured.

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