What is Etsy?
If you are a newbie to this word or this online shopping community then am going to give you a brief overview of what it is all about. Have you ever heard of eBay? Then Esty is similar to eBay, but it has one thing up its sleeve that makes it a bit different. It is an online buyer and seller community which focuses on handcrafted and vintage items. Some of these goods fall into various categories such as jewelry, art, artisan candies, housewares, paper goods, and baked products. One thing you should know that for an item to fall under the old category, then it has to be over twenty years old. I know that sounds like a big deal but what makes vintage amazing is the age factor of it. So, if you have clothes, jewelry or art which is over twenty years old you might find a good deal for them on the site.
Is Etsy Safe Or Not?

What does Etsy offer you?
This online shopping community is just like any other online shopping sites. If you are looking to earn some revenue, then you can sell your products. In the good old days, people used to sell their goods in open-air markets and fairs. However, when the dawn of technology took the whole world by storm online shopping was made possible. Do you know how good it feels to shop at the comfort of your own home? Well now let me turn the tables, do you know how good it feels to make money at the comfort of your own home?

Online shopping sites have continued to create perfect platforms for buyers and Sellers. The emergence of sites such as eBay has eased the burden of seller's having to develop their websites. However, sites such as esty have provided the perfect place for crafters and vintage collectors to sell a and buy crafts. It allows sellers to set up a customized online shop which has full e-commerce capabilities. Moreover, the whole process of setting up is quite affordable. It will only cost you $0.20 per item listed to set up your online storefront. On the other hand, you will be required to pay a transaction fee which is about 3%. As the site makes money, you also earn your revenue.
Is it safe to use?
As mentioned earlier the site is safe to use. However, you have to be a little bit more cautious as you use it and also other online shopping sites. Here is a look at some more ways to make esty safe to use.

1. Payment options
The site offers various paying options for buyers such as using credit and debit cards, Etsy gift cards and Paypal. These options are under the Etsy checkout system which is safe to use. On the other hand, sellers choose which method they will accept payments.

Tip: Do not use your debit card to shop online. This is because of two reasons:

  • You are not protected that much from fraud.
  • If your debit card is used for fraudulent activities, then that money is directly deducted from your bank account.
2. Keeping your private information safe.
The site is safe because it uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) to keep all your private data safe. This includes all personal and payment information which you provide on the site.

3. Security features.
If you have an Etsy account, then you can access your security settings to view or modify them. The best thing about the site is that it has a two-factor authentication feature. I recommend that you turn it on so that you add another protective layer to your account.  It will send you a  code through a text or a phone call to authenticate your account.

4. Your Sign in History.
This site protects all your information including your accounts browser history. Once you log into your account, the history page will show you the ten times you have been active. This history will include information such as location, IP address, time and browser history. Therefore you can easily track your activities. You need to log into your account so that you can view your Account's history. Ensure that you always log out especially if you are using a public computer.

5. Choose a strong password.
As you might already be aware of a strong password goes a long way to ensure that all your personal is secured. Here is a look at a few tips which will help you achieve a strong password.
  • Use a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Use a combination of various symbols and letters which are both lowercase and uppercase.
Do not use :
  • Your username.
  • Your birthdate.
  • The name of your relatives or pets.
  • A password which you have already used on another site.
  • A complete word.

  1. Tip: Learn how to create a random password. You can use a password generator to generate a random but secured password.

Is Etsy safe?
Yes, it is 100% that is if you have read all the five-star reviews it gets. One thing you should know is that it has been around for the past 13 years and that is a good indication right? If you still don't believe that it is an excellent online shopping community then let me give more information about this giant.

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