Whenever I heard the name "Jack", two things come into my mind. One is a proverb- Jack of all trades and master of none. Another one is Titanic's Jack, the perfect lover boy- Leonardo DiCaprio. And he is my favourite actor of all time. I did not impress much after watching Titanic. But when I saw his another movie "Departed", I was so amazed. That chocolate boy can play this kind of role too. I like versatility. And no doubt, he is a versatile actor. Shutter Island, Catch me if you can, the Aviator are also my favourite, and I found them as a remarkable work by DiCaprio. But the strange thing I recently found on his Instagram profile- he does not follow any film star, not even Kate Winslet. He called himself- Actor and Environmentalist on his Instagram bio. Here is a screenshot of his latest feeds. Take a look.
Leonardo DiCaprio Instagram 1
All pictures are nature related. He is the one, who was a professional Oscar-winning actor, and now he is diverting his mind completely to the environment. He has his organisation named Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. I am really really proud of him and his work — such a huge change. I'm very much materialistic, maybe after a decade or two my mind will be changed, and I will do something good for society. They are working for 20 years! Though I knew that Leo had been engaged with some environmental work, to save rare animals, to prevent deforestation and much more. But recently I heard about his organization: best wishes for his hard work, and the desire to make a better world. 

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Leonardo Dicaprio Instagram 2
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