Yesterday night, I was reading one of my blog posts, when I was 25 years old, and I described some of my future plans. And literally, I surprised by reading the article. It seems like- a daydreamer expresses his wishes. And while describing my future plans, I gave some quotes of Jack Ma, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. They are my inspiration that's right. But the way I presented my wishes is not perfect to me. This 17th March, I will be 27 years old. So almost after two years, I find a vast change of mine. Yeah, still I am a daydreamer. Still, I love to make a good amount from my blog, and that's why I work on every day. If you ask me right now what are your new year resolutions or birthday-special wishes like that previous post! I will mention something different.
Here Are My 2019 Plans
First of all, yeah, money is an important factor in everyone's life. Even if those people who say- "Money can't buy happiness". Either they have a huge amount of money or the completely opposite. Yeah, definitely money can't buy happiness. But at the end of the day, if you purchase a gift for your mum, purchase some chocolates for kids. They will be immensely happy. So indirectly money is a factor of happiness. To grow my blog, now I'm hiring other people also to work for my blog. And they do their best. I'm quite happy with their work. Most importantly, right now, I'm focusing on creating a brand of my own. I want to create a brand for the term "sourajit saha". and now Google gives priority to my blog and here is the search result from Google and Bing (same for Yahoo). And if you search images of "sourajit saha", you will find a lot of photos of mine. If you search for "sourajit saha nephew", "sourajit and uttiyo", "sourajit saha at muskaan", you will find a lot of relevant pictures. And for creating brand awareness, you must have to present on every social network like Pinterest, Facebook page, twitter handle, LinkedIn profile and all.

With all these social profiles and some valuable content you can create your brand, but it's a time-consuming matter. And you need patience for that. I have recently put Adsense ads on this blog. And I'm working on it. I really don't know how much thing blog has the potential to generate revenue. But I think i can make some bucks from it. Once I asked my friend, Imran Uddin, "what is your next goal regarding blogging?" and he replied- "I'm focusing more to create a brand". So now every successful blogger has its own identity, own brand image, and that's my next goal too.

Secondly, I need to read a lot of blogs. I wrote about the importance of reading habit on a blogpost. And I also mentioned the transformation of books- from paper to kindle. Though I don't use Kindle, but I read a lot of blogs on blogging tips and tricks like, backlinko, shoutmeloud etc. they post something worth to read. I can increase my knowledge by reading their blogs. So, it is very important. the much I will read, the much I'll know, and the much I will be able to impliment on my blog.'s current statistics-

domain authority- 23
page authority- 33
trust flow- 27
citation flow- 35
alexa rank- 5,516,580
domain ranking- 34
ahrefs rank- 2,286,056 

My next target is to increase domain authority. For that, I need consistency at posting on the blog. Now I write at least one article a day until the writer's block happens. I need some guest posts also. I will try after a month or two. Domain ranking is also very important. 34 domain ranking is really good. Even I did not expect that. When domain authority will increase, page authority will also increase at the same time. Building an authority blog is not an overnight process. As I said- it's time-consuming. I read some posts about how to increase domain authority. I have a few more blogs. And from my experience, backlinks from high authority play a vital role when it comes to domain authority. With a strong backlink profile, you can easily get 30+ domain authority. So that will be my next target, to make strong my backlink profile. 

Today one of our neighbors asked- can blogging replace a full-time job? I strongly believe that blogging has that potential to replace a full-time job. But you need a lot of knowledge for that. Like every business blogging also needs investment. I have wrongly invested more than lakh rupees, without proper knowledge, one time. But now I have a basic idea where should I invest and where not. if you are going to start a startup business with some good capital and without knowledge, all of your money can go into vain. So before investing, gain enough knowledge about it. Now I know how to cut down my budget and make more revenue from a blog. I will definitely invest my blog, and I expect to make a profit from it. I will implement this strategy for this blog or for any blog in future.

I will stop working with an Indian niche blog. Because, with India traffic, you can't make something big. When I started a blog, based on Indian niche, the CPC was like 0.10-0.11; and now the current CPC is 0.2-0.3; so I will stop working on Indian niche blogs because of low CPC, and focus more on this blog which can get traffic from all around the world. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.