The verified badge is something; everyone is seeking for. But only the qualified person get that. I am still confused about the verification process. I follow one of the eminent bloggers on Twitter, named Brian dean. His blog's name "Backlinko", which is quite a popular blog and has a very good reputation in Google's eyes. Brian Dean and Backlinko both have a huge contribution in the blogging world. His articles are so well organized, with relevant pictures and statistics. his most famous article is probably 200 factors of ranking on Google. Backlinko has such wonderful metrics. You can see that here. Check my article on the ranking factors of Google.
Backlinko metrics

Brian Dean Twitter
Here is also the screenshot of Brian dean's twitter account. If you are a blogger, then you must hear his name, and you should be familiar with his blog and work. He is an iconic face in blogging world without the verified badge. Should not he deserve a badge? Don't know why Twitter still makes his profile as a common person's profile. I have seen another blogger who is from India, and I also follow him on Twitter. He is no one but Amit Bhawani. His profile is verified, and he deserves this. Though his niche and Brian's niche is different. He is an expert of gadgets while Brian is a search engine optimization guru. Here I will mention another blogger's name- Harsh Agrawal, one of my favourite bloggers, probably he knows me. His blog Shoutmeloud helps many budding bloggers to get knowledge about blogging, both the basic and advance level. Once harsh posted a picture clicked by himself- Google's headquarter at Mountain View, California. And I asked him to upload more photos. And finally, when he uploaded more pictures in a blog post, he tagged me there. I really like his blog for SEO related articles. Harsh's twitter account is also not verified by Twitter. It's sad to see- the people who deserve and they don't get that. 

Amit Agarwal Twitter

Amit Bhawani Twitter

Harsh Agrawal Twitter
I will mention another blogger's name, who is called first professional blogger in India, and he took the blogging to the next level. His name- Amit Agarwal and is his blog. He is a verified person by twitter. Please don't laugh, as I said very first that everyone is seeking for the verified badge, but when I see Brian's profile, harsh's profile unverified, I get immediately disappointed. If those masterminds are unable to achieve this, then it's next to impossible for me, even after ten years. Even if they get verified by Twitter or not, still I will read Backlino, Shoutmeloud on a regular basis. And I am grateful to them that without any institution/teacher, I learn to blog (even if it's one per cent, still) only for them. For their blogs.  

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