Like everyone, I had also turning point in my life, and maybe more turning points will come in future. Actually, I had two turning points in my life and they were playing a vital role in my life. When I left my college (you will find about it in details). Literally, I blocked my way by myself for any job. Because without graduation, no software company will allow me to sit their entrance exam and interview. I cried every day for my future. My all friends will get good jobs, and I will remain unemployed forever. Later, I started to search on Google, which jobs are perfect from home. There were few freelance jobs. Maybe Fiverr was not exist at that time. Or even if Fiverr existed that time, it was not so much popular like now. 
Turning Point Of My Life
I found a site named Sitesell, which looked promising. You can make there your own website, and they will provide you domain, hosting and all, monthly charge near around 30 dollars. I was very excited- I will create a website! wowww! I didn't use their keyword research tool, rather than I selected a topic- it was based on some amazing facts. I created a domain and collected a lot of facts from all over the web. Maybe 6000+. And with each fact, there was a relevant picture. So 6000 facts and 6000 pictures. It was not so easy, but still, I did that somehow. The site was complete. Now it was the time to monetize. At that time, according to Google Adsense, your site should be at least six months old to monetize with Google ads. Though it's a rule by Google Adsense, but somehow they approved my blog. And I have seen a lot of blogs with even 3-4 days old, permitted by Google Adsense. Anyway, I was flying on high and clicked continuously on my ads for increasing revenue. I was so dumb that time. As a result of that, my Adsense account had been disabled. The story could be end at the point. But I took my next six months searching about blogging guidance from the web. And I met Imran that time. 

Meanwhile, I had to face a lot of failures. While working with Imran, I learned a lot of new things, and I learned what SEO is. Imran showed me another dimension of blogging. Suggested me some niches so that I can rank. And as a result of it, I really ranked for some low competition keywords. Though niches were mainly based on Indian topics, so CPC was like 0.09-0.10,[Here is why Adsense CPC is low in India] but as days were passing by, traffic was increased. I started making a good amount of money. And I became financially independent. From that period- I have purchased a lot of gadgets(Like Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony A7iii) and did not take a single rupee from my parents. Purchasing gadgets were not so important, but I was able to make a good amount of money from that time, it gave me a good reputation socially. Neighbours started to know about my profession, though they had the least idea about online marketing and Google Adsense. Sometimes people said that- "I work on google". It's completely wrong. I am not a Google employee, and I don't deserve that kind of job. Working at Google and being a Google Adsense publisher is completely different. Anyone can be a Google Adsense publisher. But earning from that is a little bit tough. So Imran was my first turning point for giving me social recognization. Thank you so much Imran for standing by me, helping me, advising me, guiding me. 

The second turning point was quite unexpected and effortless. You can call me lucky for that. I purchased some cryptocurrencies when the price was low. And I sold all of them when the price was at the top of the chart. And now the crypto market is completely down. But I made a fortune from that. During that period, I studied every day about the cryptocurrency market, kept my eyes on the graphs — every single day. My parents were not so interested in cryptocurrencies. So they were not so happy when I invested in crypto. But now they say- you are lucky that's why you've got that money. For your information, Amitabh Bachchan lost 65 crore rupees for investing in crypto. So, if the first turning point gave me social recognition, then the second one secured my future. And for that I have no one to thank, I was just lucky. No more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.