Currently, Walmart is the King of Retailers in the world, but Amazon has slowly been growing to knock out Walmart out of the number one spot. In 2018, Amazon was the fourth most valued company with an estimated value of $700 billion. Jeff Bezos has been making airwaves since he came up with this giant and it does not seem like it is stopping anytime soon. Amazon has made a mark for itself by taking advantage of online shopping. The company was launched on July 5, 1994. Did you know that the company started retailing books?  Then over the years, it has grown to sell some other online products such as jewelry, furniture, electronics, apparel, food, toys, video games and so many other products. Over the years Bezos's company has managed to develop other subsidiaries such as the Amazon Digital Services.
What Are Amazon Digital Services
What a digital service?
Digital service is a term used to describe electronic delivery of information across multiple platforms such as web and mobile. The data is presented in a simple way such that information can quickly be processed. If you still don't get it to think about drivers license renewals, parking tickets or even hotel booking. If you are looking for any of the services online, then you need to submit forms so that you can receive the benefits.

Digital services have become popular because of the rise of technology. A lot of organizations have transitioned from paper to digital services so that they can increase efficiency and customer experience. Other advantages of digital services include:

·  Reduced cost of operations.
·  The high rate of transparency.
·  Less time to market.

What should you know about Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon is one of the companies which has embraced Digital Services. If you use any of the Amazon apps am sure you have come across it.  It is part of Amazon whereby if you order any digital product then you are charged a certain fee. Some of these digital orders can range from books, software, music apps, and even subscriptions. Some of the services which run under this umbrella include:

·  Amazon Music Unlimited.
·  Amazon Prime.
·  Amazon Free time Unlimited.
·  Amazon Drive.
·  Kindle Unlimited.
·  Amazon Channels like HBO.

Amazon typically charges you for using their services. For instance, a hidden fee of  $0.99 is loaded in its apps. On the other hand, if you are using Kindle Unlimited, then a $9.99 fee is charged on your credit card. If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime how about, you take a look at the number of charges which is deducted from your subscription videos.

There have always been complaints about hidden charges which are charged to Amazon users. However, if you look carefully at your app then maybe you can identify why the company costs you a specific amount of money. This can be frustrating, and it has led to a lot of users avoiding using the Amazon app.

How do you stop Amazon Digital Services?

Here is a quick guide which will help you unsubscribe from the Amazon Digital Services. If you have signed in through Google or Apple, then you will need to cancel the services through those apps.

1. Canceling Amazon Music Unlimited

1. Using your web browser head over to and sign in your account.
2. Under "Subscription Renewal" click cancel.
3. Follow the instructions which are given on your screen. You will no longer be subscribed to Amazon Music.

2. Canceling Amazon Prime.

1. Go to and sign in your account.
2. Click on the menu which shows you the "Prime Benefits."
3. On the left-hand side, there is an icon showing the renewal date. However, click on the "End  Your Prime Membership" icon.
4. Follow the instructions which will pop up on your screen to cancel your Amazon Prime Subscription.

3. Canceling Appstore Subscriptions

1. Head to and sign in your account.
2. Near the right corner of your browser, you will see icon "Accounts and Lists.". Click that icon.
3. Click the "Digital content and services" feature which is located on the right hand of the list.
4. Once you click on "Your Subscriptions" a list of your app store subscriptions will appear.
5. Next to the app subscription if you want to cancel click "Action."
6. Click "Turn Off Renewal."
7. A list of instructions will pop up on your screen which you will follow to cancel your Appstore Subscriptions.

Canceling Kindle Unlimited

1. Head to and sign in your Amazon account.
2. At the right top corner click on "Menu."
3. Near the top of the Menu click ''Your Kindle Unlimited."
4. Click "Cancel" on that menu.
5. Click "End Membership"

Amazon is one of the best B2C companies in the world. They have a wide range of services which caters for anyone around the world. The Amazon Digital Services is quite convenient for anyone who can afford using them. Although there have been some complaints from some clients, it is up to you to learn how to manage an Amazon account. If there are any problems, then you can contact Amazon's customer care. The company has got your back 24/7.

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