Most teenagers can't wait to turn 18 as they consider it to be an age to gain freedom. It's often seen as a milestone for many to be considered as adult when they finally reach the 18 year mark. Turning 18 comes with its responsibilities it's not always going to be a walk in the park for you, for most people turning 18 years is often a slap to the face by reality as you begin to see the real side of life from an adult view point. It is important to understand exactly how things change when you reach this milestone so you can know the various things to do to contribute to the society as a valuable member. Turning 18 comes with some privileges you never had the right too when you were younger, you can do so many things you wanted to do but couldn't. Some of the things you can do when you are 18years old are-
What Can You Do At 18 Years

You can sue someone and be sued

When you're 18years old, you've reached the right age where you can sue someone or be sued. You can now take someone to court and file a case against them, before turning 18 you could only do this with the help of another adult. But now you can go to court file the case, fill all the necessary documents by yourself and decide who you want to represent you as your lawyer. The only down side to this is that now you can also be sued by someone else.

Drafted for military duties

You can now serve your country from the front line of all the action. At 18 you're now free to join the arm force or be drafted. It could either be for the Air Force, marine, Navy or army, you can join the thousands of other people who are always there to protect your country and be part of them.

Get married

You're now of legal age to get married when you are 18years old. You don't need your parents approval to get married now you can do it all on your own though in some places you may need  to be older but 18 year is accepted in many places.

Vote your leader

You're now free to vote for your country, you can finally have a say over who rules over you by voting for your candidate of choice, you can vote in all national and local elections once registered. The age to vote may vary from country to country but most countries accept 18 year olds as the right age for you to start voting.

Change your name

You might have always wanted to change your birth name given to you and probably just waiting for the right time to do this. Well if you're now 18 year old then it's the right time for you to satisfy that desire of yours. You can change it to a name you've always wanted or thought was cooler, but don't forget to think how this might make your parents feel.

Work for longer hours

Now that you're 18, you can now work for longer hours and do more work as you want. As a minor you would only be able to work for the required time and hours in order for it not to be considered as child labor. Well that was before you turned 18 years, now you can use your extra time to work as much as you want.

Move out of the house

Given that you're considered an adult when you turn 18 years, you're now also considered grown enough to move out of your parents house and start living alone or with whom ever you may want to it all depends on you. This is one of the reasons why many people are existed of reaching this milestone, well we hope it's as easy as you imagined it to be.

Get tattoos and piercing

This is what many minors look forward to doing when they are of the right age. May be you may have wanted to get a tattoo or piercing but your parents won't allow that, if you're now 18 then you can go and get it. You're now of legal age to get a tattoo now without anyone's permission.

No more curfews

You're now an adult and there's no such thing as curfews for you now, you can stay out and up as long as you want just make sure you're not out there doing anything you know you shouldn't. You now have the chance to stay up as long as you want without being sent off to bed.

Can now adopt

If you're now 18 it's legally allowed for you to adopt a child. May be you feeling really responsible and up to it and you'll like to take care of another persons child so you can make a change. For what ever reason you'll be able to adopt a child the only thing to worry about is being seen as qualified to do so and approved. 

Buy spray paint

This may be a personal favorite for many people who just turned 18 and couldn't get all the spray paint they wanted. Now you can walk in to a shop get the paint spray that you want, pay the money and walk out all by yourself unlike before where you'll have to go with an adult.

Being considered an adult is a dream come through for many, but it's not always about the freedom to do what you want, the decisions you make from here on are extremely important on your future.

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