Now, my main target is to rank higher for some keywords, and I'm working every day for this. Before this, I have ranked some of the topics with zero competition like- sourajit saha tattoo, sourajit saha blog, Exubeatz, KUEHS reunion Nexus. And surprisingly sometimes my blog can beat their official Facebook page too. And I have got some different type of site links. Here is the example — some of my friends' site with much domain authority and domain ranking. Still, I have different site links, which looks better and more professional. Generally extreme high authority domains have this kind of site links. But recently I have seen other blogs too with this kind of site links. got one of their posts-if you search "Google ranking factors". Getting a higher rank is not like one night stand. You have to work continuously on your blog. Either you write content for your blog; otherwise, you hire a content writer for your blog. Posting an article a day is quite good. If you see the media/news sites, they have posted 40-50 articles every day. That's the reason for ranking higher on Google. 
Backlink- Domain Age- SEO

Sourajit Saha On Google
Sourajit Saha On Google 2
The backlink is still an important factor for ranking in google. A powerful backlink can change the game. Obviously, you have to get it from a relevant page of that authority site. Backlink generally generates though good content, just like when I write something on my blog, and I look for a good source for the explanation, I give the link back to that site. In short, I give backlink to those sites only. So quality content matters most for example. Brian dean's post about Google ranking factor has been thousands of backlinks only towards the article. So just think, a good article can do some magic which you can never predict. Another way to get backlinks is guest posting. You have to contact to the webmaster of that site, I mean relevant of your blog niche, with high domain authority, you can provide him/her a 500-1000 words article with a dofollow backlink targets to your site. You may have to pay for something. But it's quite good to get a backlink of the same niche and obviously high authority. 

I'm trying to get some guest posts. It's not very easy to work, and sometimes you have to pay money for that. Actually, I have created a blog model. A part will help me to index photos of mine on Google, another part will be posted by me, and they will help to create a beautiful blog structure, and the third ones are for a good ranking, their work is only to rank on the web. So in this way, I'm playing my game. And I don't do any black hat or grey hat technique to rank my blog. Slow but steady is perfect rather than getting a penalty. My blog's current domain authority is 24, and domain rating is 34. it was 33 on the previous day. So I feel good after watching the metrics. I think it will increase more after two months. Genuine content is always considered as valuable, plus some good backlink profiles, interlinking, an outbound link, alt text on the image can make this blog even bigger and better. Actually domain age matters too. The older a domain will be, the valuable the domain will be. Do generally you will find those websites on page one of Google search result, they are in generally 3 or more years older. I said generally. Exceptions everywhere. Actually, I was reading statistics, and I have found these metrics. 

An old domain always likes a diamond (without google penalty). This domain is going to be two years older on March 21st. And I will definitely celebrate the two years of this blog. It's like my journal; it's like my way to get money, it's like my only child. I just love this blog. When people say, I've read your blog, it's good. It feels me better. I never imagine people will write the thoughts of a 26 year's guy. Even if no one reads, then it's also perfectly fine. I'm going to please the search engine, not visitors. Hahaha... truth has been spoken. But yeah, the content I provide to the search engine through my blog is really great. Impressing search engine and impressing people has some basic difference. Some people know how to draw the attention of people. And in the same way, I know well how to draw the attention of the search engine. It's just a game to me. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.