I'm sorry, and it's a little bit late today. I didn't get the charm to write about international mother tongue day. According to google- "There is no nation in the world who fought and sacrificed their life for their mother tongue. It is an honour given by the international community on Language Movement of Bangladesh." so we should be proud of it. Yes, Bengali is my mother tongue. English is my second language. Now you can ask me- why did not you write your blog in Bengali? What's the problem? Don't you like your mother tongue? The answer is- yes, I love my mother tongue. I write in English because most of my articles are related to blogging or trading. And Bengali is a regional language. A few percents of people speak on Bengali and write on the web in Bengali. Definitely, there are some popular Bengali blogs like "Prothom Aalo", "Techtunes" etc., and I really appreciate those sites. Those are amazing. But they had to give much effort to establish those blogs. Even, at the very first, I also tried to start my journey with Bengali blog, named- sourajit.org; the blog is no more exist because I forced to delete that blog due to frustration for lack of traffic. Nobody read my blog. And then I realize it's easier to reach to the audience with an English blog. And literally, it was true. I tried hard with my Bengali blog, but I failed. 

I think it does not matter about my affection towards my mother tongue, and I'm proud of it. For me, I love Bengali, at the same time I love English. At my home or with my local friends, I use Bengali. When I read blog, or communicate with friends outside of west Bengal, English is the only way. Nowadays, some of the kids from West Bengal even don't know to write in Bengali. It's very pathetic. Your children should learn English from an early age that's good. But you are avoiding/neglecting Bengali fonts, that's very sad. 

If you see my book selves, the major portion is fulled of Bengali novels by Humayun Ahmed, Sunil Ganguly, Buddhadeb Guha etc. there are few English books of blogging, and biography of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates; basically some motivational books. Only those books are in English. I never imagine reading a novel or comics like Tintin except Bengali. But yeah, I read a lot from blogs and websites in English. I love to read a few blogs on a daily basis (if they post). If you want to check my photo gallery, here is the new page named "Gallery". I hope it will be helpful to you. And it's responsive, so no matter if you use a smartphone, tablet or desktop. It will appear beautifully. 

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