I think now I know a little bit of blogging, and I can call this as a blog. My previous ones are slow standard content with spammy backlinks. This blog is different, and I have got a special treat from Google for this blog. And now I'm planning to make it as an authority blog. I need, some good content writers who will serve me unique and quality content as a daily basis. 

I think I'm going to experience a success for this blog — success in terms of revenue. I have earned a few dollars from this blog, and I'm not happy with this. And I thought- I'll never monetize this blog with any ad. but the situation can lead you towards something, that you really don't want to do. Yeah, my financial condition is not so good right now, and I don't think what my parents think about this issue, but I have taken this very seriously, I feel like I have to work more to generate more revenue. ICI has been served a lot of revenue for the past four years, and I'm grateful to ICI. But to be honest, it doesn't meet the standard. 
Better Blog Better Experience

This blog, sourajit.com, is the far better blog with better content, content that can be helpful for readers. The interface is better than ICI, easy navigation button, especially for the smartphone. There were some problems related to the ad. and an ad is a part of this site and as well as for content. Yesterday, I have fixed that problem and saved the template on my folder and google drive. I never want to make it an ad-full site with thin content. Never. If you look at the site, look at the home page, you will understand this is a totally content based site. There are some pages which are image-based pages as I want to let google to crawl my pictures and index them on Google. I will try to publish some income reports of this blog, but in terms of monetization, this blog is not up to the mark. At the same time, I strongly believe that this blog will generate a handsome amount of money. If ICI can do that, this blog can obviously do that. 

Reading newspaper is also a good habit and definitely a good experience. nowadays, I daily read the newspaper instead of checking the Huffington Post. Today, there was an article about artificial intelligence. And people are scared if AI will take their job. In recent research, it has been found that, in 2030, 14 percent of working people have to find different jobs, cause AI will take over them. 

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