Searching for a place to get a gift card of Amazon of your own, this article is especially for you.


Amazon is the largest e-commerce and cloud computing company in the world. It is the place where you can everything, like literally each and every single thing you can imagine about. It is the company that in true sense has each and everything under one roof. They can provide you anything ranging from a needle or hairpin to cars. They have grocery stores, sandal shops, clothing attires, electronic devices etc. There is always something for every single person, keeping an eye the desire of a person. Every module or design is unique in its own type.

On Amazon you can be delighted and happy to find each thing you can possibly think of, for things you go to the market to buy, you just have to open on your smartphones, iPad or notebooks and desktop you can get what you want with a lot of variety beyond your expectation.

Gift Card

You can get a gift card at participating retail stores or online from just typing gift card and you will get to know about the process of getting it. It can cost you from dollars fifteen (15) to dollars fifty (50). So, you can get one and can gift another to your loved ones. You only have to participate in retail stores. Denominations are sold in the whole of the USA without any purchase fee and have different sections.

Where to get one from

There are many stores who sell the gift card of amazon like, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, dollar general, food lion, CVS pharmacy, Kroger, Lowes, 7-eleven, and best by are some of the reckoned places to get these cards from. One must ask for it,or else they will not get any space signal that you want a gift card of Amazon or not. You can also buy these cards from Tesco but not online. Some big Tesco stores have these gift cards of Amazon to sell. Just visit your nearby Tesco store or any other one mentioned above to get a card from there and boom your problems will be solved,and you could be able to buy thing easily and quickly by using your card.

Sainsbury also sells Amazon gift cards and have a range of other gift cards including iTunes and BHS etc. While Target does not sell amazon gift cards. So, in case you need one you can buy it online from the actual website of Amazon after going through a certain procedure.


A customer can use his/her code of Amazon gift card for Walmart’s e-gift card and can use the card of Amazon. This facility is only available at Walmart where you will be using a Walmart’s e-gift card on the code of your gift card from Amazon. Otherwise, there is no other place which allows you to do so, you cannot directly use your Amazon card on Walmart beside the above-mentioned procedure. Buying an Amazon gift card from the store of Walmart, this facility is not available as per the restrictions. For buying of the card, you need to see for participating stores to get one or buy one from.


To buy a card online, you have to follow a process. To place an order for an Amazon gift card;
1. Go to the section where gift cards are written.

2. Then, go and choose a type of card you want to buy, keeping in mind that every category has a different card and a different price to be paid for.

3. Then click on the cart button and add the selected item to your cart and click on proceed to check out.
4. You have to provide information about your payment. After adding the details about the required money click on continue.

5. In the end, click on place your order option.

   This is how you can get an online amazon gift card within no time and save your time to go out and search for the store to buy it from. It is the best possible and easy way as Amazon itself is an e-commerce company.

Working of Gift Card in Canada and Australia

It can be used in Canada and the USA. Either you bought your card from the USA, you can use it in Canada,or you bought your Amazon gift card from Canada and want to use it in the USA, in both cases it will work. On the other hand, you cannot use your card on the international websites of other countries and vice versa.

Amazon Australia does not let you buy gift cards as they do not work theirs properly. You have to buy it from the official USA site and can be given options from the sites of the USA. Australia does not let you buy things as you cannot get a card and in the same way cannot use it there, as per restriction.


Overall, buying these cards is a very effective idea of buying things at lower prices and to have a variety of things to pick and choose from. This article told you a whole detail about the Amazon gift cards and where to get them from. Hope you will like it and your all questions are now clearly answered.