I sometimes check others' blog's domain authority, page authority and other metrics. Imran's most popular blog alltechbuzz had domain authority of 59, while his another blog, which is basically a media/news blog, allindiaroundup with domain authority 60, really surprising, but they are Google news approved blog. Another friend's blog, named iftiseo (owner- iftekhar Ahmed) which is one of my favourite blogs in terms of blogging tips. iftiseo has the domain authority of 33 out of 100. backlinko is another favourite blog of mine, owner Brian dean, and I wrote in support of him in my previous blog post. Brian's blog has a domain authority of 67. Now just think, if you compare between alltechbuzz and backlinko, backlinko is far above in this race. Brian Dean is a writer/blogger who loves to post after a long gap. and when he comes with a post, it's really lengthy and worthy. I really like his posts, and I try to follow them as much possible for me.
Domain Authority And My Blog

Neil Patel is far above in this race. He is just a mastermind, and he always mentions his job as "content marketing". Yeah, a solid content can attract a lot of visitors. his blog neilpatel.com has a domain authority of 77. It's mind-blowing. Just imagine, a single person's blog is on that level. He has another blog (actually few more blogs) named "Quick Sprout" which scored 73. Quick Sprout was created in 2008, and now it's 2019 — 11 years old blog. So 73 domain authority is not surprising. His another blog "Crazy Egg" has a domain authority of 73. same as Quick Sprout. So basically Neil's all blog have 70+ domain authority. Just think how much he has the potential to generate revenue!

Whenever I check any of my friend's blogs, none of them has named as the owner name. Like Neil Patel has a blog named neilpatel.com; but Imran, Iftekhar, or other blogger's don't have a blog of his own name. In those terms, my blog is like a 50-50. I have used the name only, not the surname, all together. Like sourajitsaha.com; so it's sourajit.com, and it was registered in 2017, and it will complete two years on this 17th march. And it has a domain authority of 24. If I started this blog on 2012-2013, like some other blogs of mine, it would definitely achieve the domain authority of more than 35. So for two years, it's good, even I have mentioned why this blog is different from my other blogs. You can see here the search engine result for my blog, the way Bing and Yahoo present my blog is really nice. But Google did something phenomenal with my blog, and I don't know how to thank Google for this. Even I have made some future plans for 2019, and I will try my level best to reach that goal.

Right now, I'm reading a book based on the quotes of Bill Gates. The writer has collected all the quotes and form it into a book. Reading the quotes of Bill Gates is an amazing experience. With his 60 years experience with Microsoft, and Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, his wisdom, his humour, his everything- inspires me always. And at the same time, I am learning some American English. Like I have enlisted a word- Titan in my vocabulary stock. Titan means something or someone huge. The sentence was- investing titan Warren Buffet... another sentence I found on Google- Albert Einstein was a titan in the world of science. So, whenever, wherever I get a chance to learn something new, I never leave the scope. Another book is just beside me- 50 ways to make Google love your website. I read that book a long time ago, and now I think it's a high time to read it again. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.