I have seen my first computer in a neighbour's house — a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor, printer and all. Actually, my father said to me- you can play cricket on a computer, you can play as a Sachin or Dravid. So that attracted me. I mean, how can it be possible? You are playing cricket on a machine. Well, my first impression of the computer was no so good, that giant size computer made me believe- it's not my cup of tea. That computer's operating system was Windows 98. and most of my readers probably not familiar with windows 98. Cause it's an era of Windows 10 and who cares about 98!
Down To The Memory Lane 3
Next incident, when I was in class six. Our headmaster came with another teacher and let him introduced as our computer teacher, Dibakar sir. Probably I wrote about this before; I can't find that article now, so, okay no need to worry, I love to write, I could write it for the second time. Dibakar sir taught us what is a computer, and the system- input-process-output. Then we went with him to our computer lab. Sir opened ms paint and taught us how to use all those tools. And four lucky students got the chance to paint on the computer, and unfortunately, I was not among four. I felt sad.

When I came back home, I asked mom, can we buy a computer because there are a lot of students and it's difficult to operate a computer for a long time alone. Mom didn't take that seriously. Even the computer was not so famous in our area. Only a few rich persons could afford that machine.

When I was in class eight, fortunately, my desire for the computer had been granted, and I got a computer. My dad had to pay a handsome amount of money. Still, he fulfilled my desire for the computer. I am grateful to you, dad. So at that time, html was in our syllabus. I forgot who was the teacher at that time. While I came back from home- almost every day- I started to type code on the notepad. And loved to execute them. I had to save those files as HTML format. At that time, the internet was just available at the cyber cafe. And the term "Facebook" was completely unknown to all people in our area. (and now everyone has a profile on Facebook). Anyway, I thought to create a website with connecting all pages (interlinking). I forget what the first site was. But in that way, I was able to create 3 websites- one about Fossils (Bengali rock band of Kolkata), another rock band from USA, and about Arnold Schwarzenegger. I still love this person only for a single movie- "Terminator 2". the movie was mind blowing! So there was three website in my hand, and hard disk was the place where all the pictures and background music were stored. So, whenever I took it to any teacher's house, I had to carry all the files on a CD (Compact Disk). And my friends praised me for creating those sites. They were amazed. 

Then probably I was busy with study, football, and later- Orkut (which does not exist anymore). When I was in class 12, maybe broadband was taken from the local cable provider. The speed was like 512kbps but unlimited. Now the same authority provides 58mbps. After my Higher Secondary(H.S) exam, I was looking for any source of money. I was looking on the internet. Later I found Sitesell, and I had to pay 30 dollars per month. So I started my first website about some amazing facts. My regular blog readers know the rest of this story. 

Probably I did not write a blog post about- I was attending google's seminar in Kolkata. The venue was the Park Hotel, Part Street. I was so excited and purchased a blazer for that. It was my second blazer. The first one provided by from my college- Adamas Institute of technology. It was a phenomenal experience to spend time with some geek people and Googlers (people who work on google). At that time, sourajit.com was not registered. The google seminar organized for the second time in Kolkata when I was in Dooars (forest). I missed that. If I can get a chance for next time, I will surely go and mention about my personal blog, I mean this blog. There was a buffet system also, for breakfast and lunch. I took spaghetti as lunch, and few of my friends were amazed- I'm eating spaghetti at lunch. Actually, they don't know about my eating habits.

Now when I work for sourajit.com; i feel really great as it was my hobby, passion and now a profession. Blogging is literally a blessing to me. And when I found sitelinks under my blog, in a different way, the way high authority blogs get sitelinks. I think Google loves my blog. God knows if it is true or not. But if you search my name "sourajit saha" on google, you will find a lot of pictures of mine. There are some more photos also. Their name also sourajit saha. I want to take over the complete place, and I will rule there. I am working for it. And I set that as my goal. My previous goal was to beat Google Scholar, Linkedin, Researchgate persons. Thank god that I did it well. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.