As we three musketeers have spent so much time together, I was planning to form a team. It will be blogging based. I will run the blog, Suvojit will write content for my blog, and Uttiyo will click photos for the blog. So at the very first, I told Suvojit to write an article on "self-driving car" without doing any keyword research. The word limit was probably 1000 words. But the conclusion is that- he is not interested in writing content for my blog. Well. I went to Uttiyo for the offer- he has to take photos of mine. It's for a certain time (30-40 minutes a day) actually I love to click photos, and sometimes I love to get clicked by Uttiyo. But he denied politely. Well. So basically, I wanted to form a team of our own, and we could walk for a new journey together. I expected a lot. It would be really great if we trio work together for the same blog and make money from it. But my partners are not interested. Yeah, definitely I can't give him job guaranty. But I would definitely pay for their work. It won't affect to them at all. 
Forming A Team Is Always Good
As I said, I suggested a topic to Suvojit without proper keyword research. He denied. And I have literally saved my money. Because, when I hire an article writer later, I was surprised the way they presented me an article. Perfect, with the subheading, bulleting and all. They research from all over the web, collect all the data, and they compile them as the best way they can. So it's totally different from our writings. My writing is called creative writing, and I could never ever write like them. Those are perfect for a blog if you want to monetize that. Now I work with other article writers, and I'm happy with their work. Once I read an article, written by my friend Imran Uddin, about wrong employement, he lost $35050 just for this reason. So later I realize, hiring an article writer is good than hiring my friend. And I don't need someone for clicking my photos for the year-long. Rather than, I can arrange some family trips, and we can click photos there. There are already more than 500 photos of mine on the web. So now, I can change my taste a little bit. Now I can stand behind the camera. It will be great for me, and for my blog readers too. I was discussing about trip with my parents. And now I want to bare all the expense. So I need some time to go on a family trip.

As Imran has wasted a lot of money due to wrong employment, I have also wasted a lot of money (more near about two lakhs) for the wrong investment. Once I went for media buying, and I have wasted a lot of money there, and in return, I did not earn a single rupee. Sorry, I earned $100, but their minimum payment threshold was $500. I was highly interested to create a blog on psychology, and I didn't know about competition, and Google has some issues about health, even they once release an algorithm update, called- medic update. and many small medical sites were affected due to that algorithm. And Google is very sensitive about medical blog and sites, especially if it is psychology. So at that time, my budget was 60000 rupees for the entire project, and all went to in vain. Cause I didn't make much from that site. So for this reason, now I invest my money very carefully. Whenever you go for a business, you need some capital, right? Without investment, it can't go longer. So here my request to new bloggers- whenever you will invest money, you should be aware of the ROI(Return On Investment). Still, there are a lot of issues, where you can invest in blogging, and now I'm focusing more on those. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.