Just watched "The Social Network" again, maybe for the 6th or 7th time. This is an epic movie, a movie that can inspire millions as it's a biopic of Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook). No doubt, Mark has a great sense of business. his acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp is a phenomenal decision. Right now, in 2019, Mark Zuckerberg has been named as 5th wealthiest person on Forbes. Whenever I see the movie, every time it inspires me, it motivates me. He invented some, not less than the drug in terms of harmful or not. Kids nowadays do Facebook hours after hours, WhatsApp message (it's better, for communication), uploaded their photos on Instagram continuously. An unhealthy race of who will get most likes. They are focusing more on their DP rather than study. I have heard this kind of sentence many times- "Oh bro, your this photo will get 1k likes" (other's conversation)and a few days ago, one of my friends told another friend of mine- your photo is incapable to get even 50 likes. And he got angry by hearing.
Grateful To Google Adsense

Even when the reaction has been added to Facebook like- haha, wow, love, sad etc. I get very angry if someone reacts haha on my DP, and I ended it up blocking him. A possessive girlfriend got angry when she found that her boyfriend has been reacted love to some other girl's photo. Sometimes it leads even to break up. Oh god! what should I say! I am not an active member on Facebook, maybe more than one year. And I will never return there. Yeah, hardly I can maintain my Facebook page, which has also been indexed on google. Back to the story of "The Social Network", I didn't understand why Eduardo went to New York? For study or finding advertisers? He should not leave mark alone. In this film, Mark has been portrayed as a very simple nerd guy, who does not know much about another thing except coding. But basically, Mark has a pretty good business sense. That's why all the acquisition and number five in the Forbes list. Great!

I always want to form a team, for blogging. And I wrote about it, that how much essential to form a team. It's great if you are working with other people, so sometimes you can learn from him. And vice versa. So right now, I'm busy working on this blog. sourajit.com has more than 275 pages; it's working great on the google search. I attended two events of my school K.U.E.H.S and posted some photos of those programs. And surprisingly those have ranked on position one on google. Then the official Facebook page. Now I'm waiting to rank for a few more keywords. Once I will do that, I could make more revenue. And then I can form a team too. as Debopriya said, she is working as a content writer. Shubhajit can also be a good content writer. And if I look for a few more article writers, I may give a status on Facebook that- I'm going to hire a few content writers. Interested once contact me. I think Uttiyo can do a great promoting of it, as he has a lot of friends on Facebook and even real life too. So let's see. Everything depends on ranking!

For the last three weeks or more, I'm working every day for this blog. I know well, nobody will read this article. Still, I love to express my feeling through my blog, through my writing. It's a journal- Story of my life. Really I mean it. I never feel that "oh, I have to work". I feel like, oh yes, I have some ideas, and I'm going to write a new blog post, which will be live after 2 hours. I don't have any Sunday; even I don't know what the day is until or unless I ask my friend or my mom. Every day is Sunday for me, as I spend all days in my house. And every day is weekdays for me because I work every single day. Working for a blog is a phenomenal experience. And exciting too. I made my first website (literally) after my board exam. It was 2010. The site had no content almost full of pictures and photos, and I named it- the-amazing-facts.com; and I was so excited at that time, it will generate revenue like $$$$, and all the plan has been ended up by me as I was the one who clicks his own blog's ad.

I didn't know much about Google Adsense that time, only I knew- it can help you generate revenue. And right now, all I can say- Adsense, thank you. For serving too much revenue for the last few years. It's an enormous experience to work with Adsense. Even I attended a seminar organized by google at Kolkata. Park hotel. The event was pretty amazing— the lecturers, the Googlers, the arrangement and obviously the food. My Adsense earning has been dropped sometimes, and it went back in normal. So, I can't deny the importance of Adsense in my life. It's kind of blessings.

I'm very impatience. I have mentioned it in the previous post. I'm impatience from my childhood. As bill gates describe himself as impatience optimist, I'm also an impatience optimist. I can't wait for things. I am working on it, and I need result now. But you know that crawling, indexing and ranking is not an overnight process. It takes sometimes. Depends on the keyword's competition. Right now I'm working with low competition as well as mid-competition keywords. so I think it will take 1.5-2 months. I mean from 45 days and up to 60 days. Just 17 days have been passed. Let's see. What happens next. But I can bet, if everything goes alright, and I rank for those keywords, I will mention these posts, and I will say- how impatience I am actually. Nothing is impossible you know, the two blogs, those give me fortune literally, are baseless blogs, content-less blogs, most of the contents have been copied from another source(s). So if those blogs can generate revenue, why sourajit.com not?

But to be honest, I never expect much from this blog. Truly I'm saying this from the core of my heart. I don't know how much potential this blog has. But I can predict, once it will start getting traffic, after two months of continue traffics, it has the potential of generating 40-50$ per day. It's my prediction, from my experience. It can be more, or it can be less. I have just predicted a rough. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.