Today Kinnor and I went for hangout after a long time. (Here are few more photos of us). I have seen him after a long time. Probably this is the first shoot of this year together. It's so pleasuring for me. He is really a good friend of mine and would-be family doctor of us. :D When we entered the field, it was dusk. And lights were stiff off that time. And we were waiting for the lights. Finally, we got the light. Today we shoot all pictures with the beast Sony A7iii at 1/50 aperture. So then we can reduce the ISO. Though my camera can provide more ISO on a picture, but ISO makes picture worse. ISO was probably 1600-2000. Not more than that. Remember, it's a night shoot. And we may need higher ISO at any time. 
Sourajit Saha 1
I took my phone to check WhatsApp. Before I checked Instagram, and now I check WhatsApp. The jacket is just beside me, as I can't tolerate even a little bit of cold. And while driving the scooty, that jacket is an essential thing for me. 

Sourajit Saha 2
Just an odd look to the camera and I forgot to smile. Can you see the train behind me? It has been blurred. 
Sourajit Saha 3

Sourajit Saha 4

Sourajit Saha 5
    Looks determined. hahahaha :D
Sourajit Saha 6
I don't like to get clicked while wearing a jacket. So just unzipped the jacket. 
Sourajit Saha Photography
It is almost a sudden click while Kinnor took his bike off from the place. And I clicked it. The beauty is- you can see lights on both sides. And his new helmet. :) Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.