Performing arts have been looked down upon for a long period of time, but not anymore. YouTube has given a lot of actors, musicians, and performers a platform for channeling their talent into a side and/or the main career providing them from an average to a bountiful amount of income. In addition to this, working for YouTube strikes much of the youngsters, due to the added fame and stardom that it provides and in the current global era, that is what most of us look for.

Steps for Effective YouTube Earning

An effective topic or scope of discussion is the cornerstone of effective YouTubing and its earning. Some of the popularly successful topics can be:
·       Roasting
·       Life Hacks
·       Reviewing products, foods,and places
·       DIY(Do It Yourself)/ How to – Demonstrations
·       Animal Activities
·       Spoofs
·       Current News/Gossips/Trends
·       Lifehacks
·       People’s Fails Compilations
Moreover, to make a handsome amount of money from this career, it is necessary that the YouTubers shall keep uploading videos regularly and full of content. Beginning from a single like and some viewers it gradually grows to a million views and subscribers.
How Much YouTubers Make

YouTube Earnings per Program

1.  YouTube Partner Program

YouTube AdSense is the other name for the YouTube Partner Program which is one of the most recurrent media of YouTube earnings. YouTube basically displays its ads in the videos of the YouTuber and keeps 45% of the revenue generated from those advertisements while the YouTuber gets 55% of the share. The exact amount of earning from this program is difficult to calculate since it varies due to the following factors:
·  Location of the Targeted Audience and Viewers, as the Cost per Click (CPC), is greater for the developed countries such as the UK and USA, but lower for the developingcountries.
·  Enumeration of the Targeted Audience, according to sex, gender, interests, culture,and ethnicities.
·  The genre of the Video, as the advertisements and sponsors you get mostly are also dependent upon the genre of the video.
· Advertisements Typification, which varies as more revenue is generated from TrueView and Bumper ads as compared to the Pre-roll ads that generate revenue per click. Compared to these, skippable ads generate the least revenue because if skipped they get no CPC.
·   Click Through Rate (CTR),
·  Audience withholding, a greater amount of time your video can keep the audience connected to the screen, indicates higher video content quality is ultimately generating higher CPC ads eventually.
·  Channel’s Subscribers Quantity, the channel’s popularity in terms of its subscribers, will earn it better and greater CPC and CTR advertisements and sponsorships.
Estimated Revenue: The revenue is estimated to be $3- $10 per 1000 views through CPC and CPI advertisements, which can be multiplied by the number of subscribers to calculate individual income.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

The tech bloggers or the YouTuber’s which give product, food or fashion reviews usually employ affiliate marketing as they give the link of the article to be reviewed in the description of the video and they earn commission on each purchase of the article. The revenue which can be generated through this program depends upon the following factors:
·       Click Through Rate on the provided link of the affiliate
·       Conversion ratio,i.e. the combination of the CTR and purchase
·       Commission per purchase
Estimated Revenue:The average CTR for affiliate link is estimated at 2%. If there are 1 million views, it makes 20000 average clicks. Moreover, the average conversion ratio is 3%, making an estimate of 600 purchasers. Therefore, according to 1 million views, one can generate $6000 if they earn $10 per purchase.

3.  Sponsored Videos

A preferable method generally adopted by the companies for marketing is by paying the YouTuber’s to make Sponsored videos of their products instead of AdSense method since the prior is more reliable and effective. Dependent upon the popularity of the specific YouTube channel or the commitment of traffic generation by them determines their fare for sponsorship.
Estimated Revenue:The estimated revenue which can be generated from Sponsored videos ranges as per the views, taking an average rate of $10-$50 per 1000 views of the Video.

4.  Total Estimated Income

The usual revenue generated from the videos varies from $3 to $10 per 1000 views, and YouTube only pays the creator once they reach a minimum balance of $100. Therefore, one shall come into this business only if they are confident of getting at least 34000 views.

Major Global YouTuber’s Examples

Some global examples of successful YouTuber examples are enlisted below:
1. PewDiePie– 10.1 Billion total Views & 39.3 Million total Subscribers
2.  HolaSoyGerman– 2.1 Billion Views & 24 Million Subscribers
3.  Smosh– 4.7 Billion Views & 21.1 Million Subscribers
4.  JennaMarbles– 1.8 Billion Views & 15.5 Million Subscribers
5.  NigaHiga– 2.3 Billion Views & 15.2 Million Subscribers
6.  VanossGamin– 2.9 Billion Views & 14 Million Subscribers
7.  ElrubiusOMG– 2.5 Billion Views & 13.6 Million Subscribers
8.  TheFineBros– 3.3 Billion Views & 13.1 Million Subscribers
9.  Epic Rap Battles– 1.9 Billion Views & 12.6 Million Subscribers
10. Yuya– 1.1 Billion Views & 11.5 Million Subscribers


Summarizing the discussion above, it can be concluded that YouTubing did aid in a handsome income if taken seriously and worked hard upon, with the right amount of knowledge about the working of the business and most importantly effective content. This career should not be looked upon skeptically to soon as the correct choice of a niche of the video/channel,and constant uploads are the key to an exceptional amount of viewers and subscribers ensuring your tremendous success at YouTubing.

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