Today, while taking rest from my work (writing), I sat on the sofa with a film magazine. My mom commented- you look bad nowadays. Why did not you take care of yourself? I smiled and told her- I will do, after being a successful blogger. Yeah basically that stuff (crawling, indexing and ranking) are very time consuming and even I was looking for time pass. But still, motivation takes me away from the sofa and encourage me to write a new blogpost. Motivation really plays a vital role in my life. And I'm very much focused on my job. It likes the bird's eye for me. I can't think anything but blogging. The only reason to live, to do work, to do everything. It seems I'm going crazy. Hahaha. 
I want To Be Like Him
Once I posted my photos on my Instagram regularly. Even someday, I have posted 3-4 photos or more on a single day. So, my friends called me a model as a joke. But I have got a few compliments from unknown girls. And most of the girls thought me as a non- Bengali. But the irony is that- I can't speak and understand Hindi well. So whenever they heard Bengali from me, the amazed instantly. One of them asked me- who is your fashion icon? I replied- Johnny Depp. Yeah, I always want to be like Johnny Depp, not in terms of acting, but in terms of personality. He is more than awesome. His versatility in acting is phenomenal.  

At the spare time, I was looking for some trip and the flight fare. I was looking for "Lucknow" as it's a place where I want to visit someday. So I just checked the flight fare as a family trip, and the flight fare will be 30000 rupees. I know my father with never be agree to go by flight. And I will also never ask him to spend that amount Rather than I will try to do something better and make revenue for my trip. It's challenging, it's amazing, it's exciting, and at the another time, it's depressing. Working for a blog to rank is really idiotic work, and depressing too. So whenever I get time, I keep myself busy with writing articles, as I really love writing and most specifically creative writing. I know these posts will never be ranked for any keyword. Still, I write cause I love to write, I write cause I want to build a strong pillar of the blog with internal links and outbound links and alt tags. As I have an experience of 9 years, I can predict this blog's future is bright if I use perfect search engine optimization. This blog has the potential of generating revenue, more than 50$ or more at a time if it goes like this way. Today, I checked Semrush- organic search, keywords, Semrush rank, traffic cost, and I took a screenshot of my blog, today is 18-2-19. I will check after one month if there is any noticeable change or not. At the same time, I have to check my other two blog's Semrush statistics. And I have also checked the status of alltechbuzz by my friend Imran. And I have to set a bigger target, like his blog with a domain authority of 59. So if I can reach a little bit for the next six months, it will be pretty amazing. I don't know much Semrush offers for a free check. Maybe five. And I have checked four domains with Semrush and Imran's blog performing well. But at the same time, I can say- if Imran could hold the position the skill of writing, those blogging stuff; his blog might touch domain authority of 70 or near around. his latest posts are trendy, but Imran had a uniqueness that has been vanished. Once I was a regular reader of this blog, but now I check this blog just to see the domain authority. 

Anyway, back to our main topic, I was talking about Johnny Depp, right? He is a true legend no doubt. But if you ask me- which kind of looks will you prefer after 60 years (if only I can stay alive then). My clear answer is- I want to be like- M.F Hussain, Imran Khan, Richard Gere, or like Amitabh Bachchan. I'm not mentioning them for comparing myself to them. I just want to be as strong as like them. With karishma (charming). M.F Hussain died eight years ago. Still, people recall him and mention him as one of the best painters in the world.
SRK & M.F Hussain
Imran Khan is now the present prime minister of Pakistan, and I felt happy when he was elected. In terms of romance, it's very hard to compare between Richard Gere and Shah Rukh Khan. Still, I will conclude, Richard Gere is awesome in his own field it's quite true, but in term of on-screen romance, Shah Rukh Khan is unparalleled. Anyway, still, I like the charm of Richard Gere. and Amitabh Bachchan is also a blogger like me. The difference is that- a lot of people read his blog, every single day but no one reads my blog! He has a unique strategy for blog post and tweet... he always mentions the serial number of that blog post or that tweet. Generally, if you open your twitter account, you can easily count the tweet number. Still, he follows the rule. I'm unable to understand the reason behind that.
Amitabh Bachchan Blog
The one thing I should do from now. Use proper image and related gif in the blog post, so that it looks attracting to readers. Neil Patel and Brian Dean do this job awesomely. The posts, they write about- you can consider it as a handbook of that topic. Because of the cover all the things and explain each and everything with proper image. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.