Inspiration and motivation is something that helps me to do something more productive and creative. I came to this profession just for my parents, because they gave me full freedom, and I could choose any profession that I like. in other terms, it's a kind of inspiration. They told me to do whatever your heart wants. Even if I would be a father, I won't be able to say the same words- "Do whatever you heart wants". people found me as a creative person (according to them), as I loved to make different things which are not conventional. People praised me for that. But I never fly high on the sky rather than I tried to keep my feet always on the ground and be a humble person. I was not as humble as I am right now, ten years ago. And age matters a lot. And every time I mention myself as a learner. Yeah, definitely I am someone, who loves to learn from all people of any age. I read a lot of blogs every day to make myself more updated to this technology world. And people get surprised when I control my room light with my smartphone. Technology has been developing every single day. The more you will be able to keep in touch, the more you will learn.
My Inspiration & Motivation

I have mentioned before about my idols, about some bloggers like Imran Uddin. They have inspired me a lot. Satyajit Ray is my first idol. I read a lot about him, whenever I got any news about him. He was an eminent writer, filmmaker (Oscar winner), song composer, painter and all. The main thing that inspired me was his versatility. And I always want to be a versatile person like him. And nowadays when my friends/their mums call me versatile, I feel glad, though I don't express that. But it feels like- yeah, I'm able to do something, that people consider me as versatile. I mentioned myself as "Programmer | Web Developer | Blogger | Trader" on my Facebook bio. Even now I work as a video editor also for our YouTube channel. And yeah, I'm a photographer by passion. I really love to capture memories. Currently, I use Sony A7iii for photography. It's a professional camera, though it is used by an amateur. I do not know videography, but when it comes to photography, I feel much better. I love to stand behind and in front of the camera, both. I have a huge collection of Ray's books on my bookshelves. Next, I would like to mention Humayun Ahmed's name. He was also a versatile person. He wrote too many novels, drama, he was a filmmaker. When I read first time his book (Chole Jaay Bosonter Din), I commented- this person has good knowledge of psychology. Later I came to know that he has a huge interest in psychology. The thing that attracted me most is his writing style. So simple but vast inner meaning. Once I tried to write some stories, but all those had a huge influence on Humayun's books. So when I realized that, I stopped my story writing at that moment. It was 4-5 years ago. And I think if I write a story now, it will be from my own style, my own way of storytelling.

I have mentioned two person's name who are no more in the world. But there are some more inspirations who are still alive and working. Bill Gates is one of them. He is the second richest person, but that does not attract me that much, but I get surprised about his passion for the computer. The time, when he left Harvard for creating Microsoft with Paul Allen is the phenomenal journey. His wisdom, his philanthropic work have been impressed me always. He told somewhere- between 20 and 30 years age, I didn't take vacation for a single day. It's very much inspiring, how much he was devoted to his work.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of my inspirations. My nephew (Rishi) does not like him at all. He said- how did he inspire you? Well, there are a lot of reasons. He lost his parent at a very young age. Then came to Mumbai from Delhi. He borrowed rupees 20 from a friend and went to film city. He is the one, who does not have any background of film related. Like nowadays a lot of actors and actresses come from the filmy background, either their father is director/producer or actor. So they get an initial boost from their parents. But SRK has nothing like this. his sense of humour, his wisdom, his knowledge, his philanthropic works, motivational speech helps me a lot to turn back again. Even I recently heard about Meer Foundation, and he never promotes this one. Rather than he loves to do charity without any limelight, he mentioned that- somewhere in Quran he read- if you do charity for a reason, that's not charity. And he strongly believes in this mantra.

Once I mentioned Imran's name as my inspiration. And yes, I'm still grateful to his as he is a turning point of my life. Imran has struggled a lot to create an authority for his blog- AllTechBuzz. That blog gave him a fortune as well as a social recognization. Now he has his own company for SEO related works and content writing. Though we don't talk much as he is quite busy with his company. Still, he is remarkable to my life.

Today is Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday, and he is one of my inspirations. I had seen him play when he was CR17 for Portugal. And today he is 34 years old. My best wishes to him. A lot of love and respect. His ability to hard work, strong and determined mentality, never go back mentality impress me a lot. From a low-income family to Bugatti's owner- the journey is quite impressive. I have learned a lot from them. They are literally blessing for me. A girl asked me to send a motivational speech. And I sent her a video of Shah Rukh Khan's speech. And she asked me; you don't have any favourite motivational speaker like Sandeep Maheshwari? I told I heard a lot about Sandeep. But SRK, CR7, bill gates are quite good as the motivational speakers for their longtime experience. I am 26 years now. And I will turn 27 years old on this 17th march. They are blessing to my life. I am grateful to all of you. My heartfelt gratitude for you, for inspiring me, for motivating me. You have literally changed my life. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.